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Tj hays- Aye'me Lyrics

Tj hays- Aye'me Lyrics


No limit on the beat
Rataaaa... TJ hays

Baby open your eyes to see
We balling everywhere
I'll take you to oversea
I will give you what you need
I gat the magic
You'll never want to leave gurl

Girl I wanna be that your lover oo (lover oo)
Anything you need
Nor dey boder oo
(at all at all)
Even when it rains
I will be your cover oo
Baby oo, Sweetie oo
I wanna show you love oo


Aye Aye Aye
Give me the thing
When go cooli my heart baby o (lelele)
Aye Aye Aye
You dey burst E' my brain
I nor go lie baby ooo


Finally baby I don catch you
Say all the shakara you do for me
Baby now I don catch you
No be joke and nor be play
I get money pass yesterday
If na Louis Vuitton
Or na Marykay
Anyone I go buy for you

Girl I wanna be that your lover oo
Anything you need
Nor dey boder oo
(at all at all)
Even when it rains
I will be your cover oo
Baby oo, Sweetie oo
I wanna show you love oo


Aye Aye Aye
Give me the thing
When go cooli my heart baby o (ice water)
Aye Aye Aye
You dey burst E' my brain
I nor go lie baby ooo


Baby your beauty natural oo
You dey burst my mendula
When I look into your eyes oo
All I see is paradise
Adu ehhh!!! Adu ehhh!!!  Wowowowo
Adu ehhh Baby oo
Adu ehhh....


Aye Aye Aye
Give me the thing
When go cooli my heart baby o
Aye Aye Aye
You dey burst E' my brain
I nor go lie baby ooo


Hahahahaha Tj hays...
Ratata on the microphone
Eh eh eh X2
Oya mukeke
Oya mukeke

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Monday, 27 November 2017

Female Taxi Driver Spotted In Enough, Nigeria

Female Taxi Driver Spotted In Enough, Nigeria

The economy of our country has really affected us in divers ways especially the poor. While some women are there complaining of unemployment, a woman was spotted driving a commercial bus in Enugu without even a conductor.
She was pictured heading to New Market, Enugu while passengers patronised her. She makes her money through this means. What a hardworking lady. Remember there is a saying that 'what a man can do a woman can do more better', this lady has proven that by engaging in a struggle people thought is meant for men only.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Denmark,nigeria to tackle irregular migration

Denmark,nigeria to tackle irregular migration

Danish Development Cooperation Minister Ulla Tornæs, on Wednesday, expressed her country’s determination to assist Nigeria tackle irregular migration from the country to Denmark and Europe.

Tornaes stated this while addressing journalists at the end of a close-door meeting between a delegation from Denmark and Foreign Affairs Minister Geoffrey Onyeama in Abuja.

Tornaes was accompanied by that country’s Minister for Immigration and Integration, Inger Stojberg, and the Ambassador of Denmark to Nigeria, Torbben Getterman, among others.

Tornaes, who said that the delegation was also in Nigeria to strengthen the trade relations between the two countries, assured that more Danish investors would come to invest in Nigeria.

Tornae said: “We are here in Nigeria to strengthen the trade relations between Nigeria and Denmark and it is also to address challenges of irregular migration to Europe.

“We have very good discussion on how we can cooperate more and what we can do to address the irregular migration to Europe and how to assist Nigeria on returnees’ integration.

“We are trying to address the root causes of the migration and the core of it is what we can do to assist Nigeria and other African countries to stem the tide”.

She said some of the plans were to assist through investment in key sectors such as agriculture, education, job creation and empowerment.

“We believe that the reason why young people go to Europe is because of the lack of the hope for the future.

“We would very much like to help address the issue on education, health and all kinds of other development areas.”

She said that Denmark had also assisted Nigeria in addressing the humanitarian crisis in the North-East.

In her remark, Stojberg said the two countries had agreed to have a delegation from Nigeria to Denmark.

Stojberg said that this was to give way for some negotiations that would help address the challenges Denmark was facing on the migration.

Receiving the delegation, Onyeama said there were numbers of Nigerian irregular migrants in Denmark, adding that the two countries needed to take holistic approach to the issue.

He said that the meeting, in addition to addressing the irregular migration question, also looked at the skills development and empowerment of the migrants.

The minister said that the two countries also discussed on what programmes to put together to ensure meaningful approach to addressing the migration issue.

He commended Denmark for the supports given to Nigeria, especially in the humanitarian crisis in the North-East.

Onyeama said that Denmark supported Nigeria with $5 million dollars to assist the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the North-East.

Today's football prediction.

Today's football prediction.

20:30 Ludogorets (Bul) vs Suduva (Ltu)


19:00 Ull/Kisa vs Start


19:00 Apollon (Cyp) vs Midtjylland (Den)


20:45 Ajax (Ned) vs Rosenborg (Nor)


20:45 Legia (Pol) vs S. Tiraspol (Mda)


20:45 Everton (Eng) vs Hajduk Split (Cro)


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Saturday, 31 December 2016

CBN Fails To Print Lesser NairaDenominations In One Year

CBN Fails To Print Lesser NairaDenominations In One Year

The Central Bank of Nigeria has not
printed small naira denominations for
about a year now, causing the scarcity of
the notes in the economy, the News Agency
of Nigeria reports.
Sources at the CBN hinted that for a year
now, the apex bank had not awarded
contracts for the printing of the notes such
as N5, N10, N20 and N50, which was
usually done abroad.
NAN gathered that the recently printed
notes in circulation, N200, N500 and
N1,000, were produced by the Nigerian
Security Printing and Minting Plc.
The NSPM produces currency notes and
coins for the CBN and a wide range of
security documents for the federal, state
and local government establishments,
commercial banks and blue chip
According to the NSPM website, the
company has the ability to print over 40
million notes weekly.
However, the sources said the high cost of
printing banknotes was the reason the
apex bank did not give out contracts for
their production.
“The cost of printing N50 is almost the
same as N1,000. Printing small
denominations costs more than the value,
and with the present economic situation, it
makes sense to print higher notes, which
can be done locally by the NSPM,” one of
the sources explained.
A worker at First Bank of Nigeria Limited
told NAN that throughout the festive
season, there were hardly smaller currency
notes to give to customers.
The worker, who spoke on the condition of
anonymity, said, “We usually request for
cash from the CBN through our Cash
Management Centre, but recently, we have
not been able to get mints of N100 and
“We had N50 at one point but it wasn’t in
the quantity we are used to getting. We
have been telling our customers who call to
request for mints that the smallest
currencies they can get is N200.”
A political economist, Mr. Jude Ndukwe,
said the implication of the situation was
that prices of goods were likely to increase
since there were no smaller currencies in
He said, “A bread seller is likely to increase
the cost of bread from N350 to N400 simply
because he does not want to deal with the
difficult task of getting change.
“The same goes for a bus conductor and so
forth. This act alone is enough to add to
the hardship of the average Nigerians; N10
or N50 may not mean anything to some,
but it means a whole lot to millions of
Nigerians living in poverty. So the
government should do something about
But the Acting Director, Corporate
Communications, CBN, Mr. Isaac Okorafor,
denied the allegation that the apex bank
had not contracted the printing of smaller
denomination currencies since 2015.
He stated, “There is no scarcity of smaller
denomination notes in the market. People
are complaining because we did not make
provision for mints to be supplied in
smaller denominations during the festive
“You see, people are fond of abusing these
denominations by spraying them to be
stepped on during weddings and other
ceremonies. The abuse is even worse
during the festive season; so, we decided to
make scarce the denominations. But it’s
not that we have not been printing them.
“Yes, we haven’t printed abroad but we
also print locally, which we have been
When asked the last time Nigeria actually
had the smaller denominations printed,
Okoroafor promised to get the details.
He reiterated that it was a crime to hawk
or sell mint notes in the country, saying
there was an enforcement committee
comprising the CBN and the security
agencies to check the menace and arrest
Okorafor said that the CBN was
collaborating with the police to ensure that
Nigerian currencies were not abused.
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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Lagos State Government Introduced Lake Rice

Lagos State Government Introduced Lake Rice

Residents of Lagos State on Thursday
besieged the various sale centres across the
State to buy the much-anticipated LAKE
RICE, with vast majority of the people
lauding the initiative of government to
introduce the commodity at a critical time
of the Yuletide season.

LAKE RICE, which is locally produced,
came into being following a partnership
between Lagos State and Kebbi State, and
was aimed at ensuring food security as well
as to showcase the ability of Nigeria to
become a producing nation.
Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and his
Kebbi State counterpart, Alhaji Atiku
Bagudu had launched the rice on
Wednesday in Lagos, describing the
development as a great and historic
moment not just for the two states but the
country at large.
As promised by Lagos State Government,
the rice was sold at a reduced price of N12,
000 for 50kg; N6000 for 25kg; and N2,500
for 10kg.
When our correspondent visited some of
the designated centres listed for the sale of
the rice, it was discovered that the
commodity was available for sale with
people queuing in an orderly manner and
waiting for their turn to buy.
In Oshodi, residents had besieged the Ikeja
Grammar School in Bolade, Oshodi, the
selling point for the sale of the LAKE RICE.
Speaking to journalists shortly after
successfully purchasing his bag of rice, a
resident, Alanran Muyideen Kehinde said
he was glad to be among the first.
He also urged Lagosians to patronise LAKE
RICE as a means to guard against the
incident of purchasing adulterated rice.
“I feel very happy, I feel encouraged. I also
thank the State Government for giving us
the opportunity because when we go
outside, we know the cost of rice, but we
thank the Lagos State Governor for this
opportunity and we hope that more would
be made available so that
the process of purchasing would be easier.
“With the issue of plastic rice flooding the
market, this is a safer option because we
can trust the source,” he said.
Another resident, Mrs. Alebiousu
Olufunmilayo said the cost of the LAKE
RICE was pocket friendly.
“I will like to tell Lagosains that this is for
real. If they get to any of the centres, they
should queue orderly and they will get the
rice,” she said.
At Mobolaji Johnson Sports Centre (Rowe
Park) in Yaba, residents were seen queuing
orderly to buy the commodity at
government approved
Soon-To-Wed Man Who Drank InsecticideOver MMM Crash Speaks: I LostN750,000

Soon-To-Wed Man Who Drank InsecticideOver MMM Crash Speaks: I LostN750,000

The young intending groom, Adakole,
who drank insecticide over the crash of
ponzi scheme, MMM, has opened up on
his ordeal.
DAILY POST had earlier reported that
Adakole, a native of Ai Okpe in Okpokwu
LGA of Benue State whose wedding is
slated for December 28 had invested
N300 thousand into the scheme last
month and was expecting to get his 30
per cent income before his wedding.
Kole, as he is fondly called, attempted to
take his life in Otukpo, Benue State by
drinking insecticide, last Tuesday
following the news that the ponzi scheme
had crashed.
Speaking on his ordeal on a radio
programme, Weathering the Storm with
Naomi De Diva on 92.1 Vision FM Abuja
and monitored by DAILY POST on
Tuesday, the young man said contrary to
the report, he invested N750,000 in the
scheme against the N350,000 that was
widely reported.
Adakole, who opened up on his
predicament during the phone-in
programme admitted that he had earlier
made profits from the scheme.
He said amid sobs, “I came to Abuja here
few months back in preparation for my
wedding and my friend introduced me to
the MMM thing. He told me about the
benefit involved, though I was a bit
hesitant about it but he succeeded in
convincing me to register under him.
“To be honest, I initially invested 20k
into the scheme and I got 30 per cent the
following month. The following month, I
rendered help of N50k and I still got 30
per cent commission and my full
investment back.
“This time, I believed it was real and I
decided to increase the money. Before
then, my fiancée had warned me against
it. So I went to my cooperative to obtain
a loan and they gladly gave thinking it
was for my wedding. I put in N750k last
month, hopping than it would yield 30
per cent income this month only to wake
up one morning to discover that my
account has been suspended.
“To be sincere, the best option I had then
was to take my life, because I had thought
of how I am going to face my woman. I
didn’t even know when I took the
insecticide. It was my guy, Fred who
rescued me. My wedding is around the
corner, I have been saving the money
ahead of the wedding only to end up that
“As we speak, I have not set my eyes on
my woman. I put off my phone since
then because the shame is much. My
wedding is 8 days from now and I am
confused. I just returned from the
hospital. I don’t know what to do.”
Meanwhile, many callers, who phoned in
during the programme scolded the young
man for attempting to take his life
because of money.
Others advised him to get loan from bank
for the wedding, while some asked him
to put his wedding on hold till January
  1. when the scheme might have returned.
My Husband Wants Divorce After TakingMy Late Husband’s Possessions – Wife

My Husband Wants Divorce After TakingMy Late Husband’s Possessions – Wife

A 38-year-old woman, Amudalat Agboola,
whose husband on Thursday approached a
Lagos Island Customary for dissolution of
their five-year-old marriage, has described
her husband as a gold digger.
Amudalat, who owned a boutique but now
seller hot drinks (paraga), told the court
that her husband had collected all that she
had and wanted to abandon her in the
name of recession.
“I now sell `Paraga’ in the same shop I
used to sell clothes from Turkey and Saudi
Arabia,” she said.
She said that he tricked her into the
marriage by lying to her that he was a
Magistrate and would help her secure hers
and late husband’s property from her in-
“My husband lied to me that he was a
Magistrate, but I got to know that he was a
Court Registrar when he brought me to this
court for dissolution.
“I met Agboola in 2010, he was the
Community Development Association
Chairman of Magboro Village in Mowe
where my late husband and I built our
four bedroom flat.
“He was chosen as part of a four-man
delegate by the village to pay a condolence
visit when my husband died.
“My late husband, Adulhakeem Aderoju
and I met and got married in Saudi Arabia,
where I was selling clothes and he was
washing cars.
“We hustled together to buy landed
property here in Nigeria. I later relocated
here with our two daughters to establish
my boutique business but he was still in
“He got sick and came back to Nigeria and
eventually died on Oct. 4, 2010, that was
when my nightmare started.
“My mother and brother in-laws sold our
two cars, raided the house while I was in
the hospital with my husband and took
gold jewellery and documents of our
“I only had the documents of the four
bedroom flat that we occupy, which I was
kidnapped by hired assassins and
threatened to release but refused.
“I locked the house and started staying
with my friend at Igbosere, that was where
I saw Agboola again at the Magistrate
“He said he heard all that happened to me
and that if I moved close to people like
him, as a Magistrate he would help me get
back all my in-laws had taken from me.
“He persuaded me to go back to the house
with my kids and said he would use the
power of his office to put police men
around the premises to guard us.
“On several occasions I have visited him at
Igbosere Magistrates’ Court, he always
come downstairs to see me all suited up,
little did I know that he was a fraud,” she
Amudalat said that Agboola and her
became close and promised to help me
with the education of her daughters.
She said she was kidnapped and
blindfolded the second time by hired
killers who requested for the documents of
the house but managed to escape.
“When I got home and told Agboola he
said that he cannot risk his life to help me
unless I marry him, so I agreed.
“My mother was not in support because
she said his words were sugar quoted but I
begged her to give her blessings.
“He later told me he was married and has
four children. We got married on May 20,
2011, in Ilorin, my hometown.
“Two days after the wedding we came back
to Lagos, when we got to Obalebde he
packed the car and said he had an
unpleasant news for me.
“He said he has not been able to secure an
apartment for us, that the agent he paid
returned the money and I have to squat at
his friend’s house.
“I started staying at his friend’s house
where he comes to see me. I later
discovered I was pregnant.
“Agboola and I went to the house at Mowe
to pack items such as two washing
machine, plasma TV, gas cooker and
“I never set my eyes on those items again,
Agboola took them away.
“He later secured a one room apartment
for me here in Lagos Island at Oshodi St.,
and he persuaded me to give my in-laws
the key to the house which I refused.
“Agboola deserted me and my three
children in the badly ventilated room
which was also next to the toilet used by
everyone in that house.
“Out of annoyance I wanted to return to
my late husband’s house in Mowe but
looked for the key I used to lockup the gate
but could not find it.
“I called Agboola and he said he had given
them to my in-laws, I almost went insane,
that was the only property I had out of all
my late husband and I worked to build.
“When I went to the house I learnt that it
had been rented out by my in-laws, all
effort to repossess the house proved
“Agboola does not come to see us again or
carry out any responsibility on his child,
all the promises he made to me were lies
and I later discovered I was the third wife.
“On the day he promised to send money
and I was expecting an alert was the day I
was served by the court.
“He saw me as a widow and took
advantage of that and the fact that I didn’t
go to school, ” she said.
She prayed the court to help her recover
all her items and her late husband’s
property taken away and the one he
conspired with her in-laws to take from
The husband, Abdulrasheed-Olakunle
Agboola, a court registrar at the Isolo
Magistrate’ Court, said that he wanted
dissolution because of the present
economic recession.
Agboola, who did not deny all that his wife
had said, said he could no longer cope with
the responsibility and that money was the
cause of their problems.
He said he and his wife Amudalat were
incompatible and that she sent him a text
threatening him, so to avoid trouble he
decided to come for dissolution.
The Court President, Mr Awos Awosola,
said that Agboola who was in the best
position to help the widow as an employee
of the Lagos State Judiciary took advantage
of her.
“You were in best position to help her
secure her late husband’s property from
her in-laws by telling her how to go about
it through the Law but you used her.
“You changed her story from grace to
grass, a boutique owner turned `Paraga’
seller, you took her from a four bedroom
apartment to a `face me I face you’.
“This case will still be referred to a higher
court because it is a case to impersonation
and fraud.
“Now that you have wrecked her, you
want to have nothing to do with her and
you blame it on recession,” he said.
Awosola urged the two parties to maintain
peace and adjourned the case to Jan. 1,
2017, for further hearing on the matter.