Tuesday, 13 September 2016

ѕнσ¢кιиg!!! ¢нє¢к нσω тнιѕ вαву ωαѕ яєѕ¢υєd fяσм ѕυffσ¢αтιиg...

This is the dramatic moment a 20-day-old baby was rescued from the back of a lorry just minutes from suffocating after being smuggled into Britain. The youngster was born in the Calais Jungle camp less than a month ago and was among a group of 10 Iraqis squeezed into the back.
Witnesses heard banging and shouts of “no air” from the back of the lorry and called police, according to The Sun.
They were rescued at Watford Gap and miraculously the baby was uninjured.
Immigration officials are questioning the group, who were all taken to a local hospital and are said to be healthy.