Sunday, 25 September 2016

Must read: Olu of Warri’s Nephew Murdered in the US

Tragedy struck the Warri kingdom last week as the nephew to the Olu of Warri, Prince Tajirin Emiko, was shot dead by unknown gunmen at his base in Houston, Texas, United States.

The 23-year-old was found in his car by detectives from the Houston Police Department after his girlfriend raised an alarm, and on investigation by the coroner’s office, his death was ruled as a homicide.

In a chat with Punch, the father of the deceased, Prince Yemi Emiko, said they became alarmed when Tajirin’s girlfriend, Dauphine, called on Tuesday to say he did not come home the day before, which was unlike him.

“From reports, it happened last Monday. His girlfriend, Dauphine, called on Tuesday to say that Teejay went out and didn’t come back and it is most unusual because he always comes back home every day. So, she called the Houston Police Department and made a report.

“The next day, Wednesday, the police called her back, that they had found the body inside his car. So, the police are still

“I spoke to the detective yesterday (Friday) and also with the coroner’s office and he said they are still poring over materials, CCTV footage; you know the US have CCTV all over, so they are still analysing the footage of the recordings.”

The grieving parent added that they expect the autopsy report this week, when they’ll know the true cause of Tajirin’s death.

“Maybe early next week, we’ll begin to have a clearer picture of what happened. The body is still with the police in their morgue, they are not releasing it until they have
accomplished some level of investigation; the mother has been crying, everyone is devastated,” he said.