Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Ozoro polytechnic now has a 14,000 capacity Stadium

Finally Delta state has gotten a standard stadium that can be compared to those in so many non-african countries...

The Rector, Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro, Dr. Jacob Oboreh, has disclosed the completion of the school’s 14,000 capacity mini stadium to be commissioned this very month of  September 2016.
The stadium is situated at campus one, inside the polytechnic close to the female and male hall of residence.

So many have acknowledged the effort and managerial skill of the Rector, who uses the internal revenue generated by the school to carryout so many infrastructural work, and has turned the school to something unbelievable. So many citizen now visit the school as tourist center...

The stadium has 149 toilets, 89 urinal systems and other facilities awaiting commissioning.
Although his tenure won't last more than next year (2017) as the Rector of the polytechnic, but the student's wished to have him back...

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  1. Nice one, kudus to the Rector he is really working