Sunday, 25 September 2016


Happy glorious Sunday to all my brothers and sisters in faith, this is the last Sunday in September 2016, how are we preparing for the coming of our lord Jesus Christ, don't forget that "judgement will begins in the Church* At this time we should have understand much more about our lord
and saviour and for the purpose of going to church on Sundays, I pray that the heaven will not weep over our life and that our first will never become last in Christ name (Amen).

I will advice the sleeping virgin Christians to awake and happily go to Church to add oil to their lamps. Be like David that goes to the house of God with gladness....I pray that we will not miss that glorious kingdom of Christ (amen).

I have read many comments of the so called Christians that are fed up with Church, if you are among them, you should know that you get fed up because you don't define your purpose of going to Church. The truth is when you read the
scripture and you discovered the truth, you may be tempted never to go to Church again, because you will see where your pastor or leaders in church are not perfect but when you know and understand that you are not following any man of God or any Apostle, you will overlook their imperfections, .....when you really know that you follow Christ only the Faith of Him that is perfect. you don't follow Paul neither do you follow Apollo, the method Apollo can plant may be different from the perspective of Paul in planting but they both sha follow Christ as a
Christian, you are Christ-like not Paul-like or Peter-like but of Jesus-like. you don't really have excuse.