Thursday, 13 October 2016

Man divorces wife for tying wrapper, allowing neighbours see her ‘nakedness’

A mother of six, Titilayo Abdul-Hammed,
has lost her 17-year-old marriage for
making her husband a laughing stock in the neighborhood by giving the neighbours a free show with her ‘nakedness.’

An Igando Customary Court in Lagos on
Wednesday granted the request of her
estranged husband, Minkail Abdul-Hammed.

Abdul-Hammed, a cleric, 57, had approached the court seeking to end his
17-year-old marriage with Titilayo, because
her nakedness was seen by spectators free
of charge.

In his testimony, Abdul-Hammed said that
his wife was always disgracing him in
public as she was fond of tying only
wrapper to watch television in the

“I bought my wife clothes, but she will
never wear them; she prefers to tie
wrapper on her chest.

“There was a day I came home from the
mosque and was looking for my wife
because she did not come for the Jumat

“I was told she was in the third house, so I
went there and met her in front of the TV
with residents of that house despite the fact
that I bought T.V in all our rooms.

“I queried her for preferring TV to mosque
and ordered her to follow me home.
“She refused and as I was trying to push
her from the room, her wrapper dropped,
and behold my wife was neither wearing a
pant nor a brassier.

“The residents in the room saw my wife’s
nakedness live and direct and were
making jest of us. I was embarrassed and
ashamed. The petitioner also accused his
wife who was absent from court of being

“Of recent, I noticed that my wife always
lock her room and keep the key to herself
whenever she wants to take her bath or do
anything within the premises.

“One day, she went to buy something and
locked her room as usual. I searched for
the duplicate key because I was curious
and opened the door.

“I sighted a paper in which a long
incantation was written on it and my name
was mentioned.

“I was to search her closet when I heard
her footstep coming, I quickly locked the
room, I took the paper to show her family
members,” he said.Abdu-Hammed also
described his wife as being wasteful with
food as she was in the habit of cooking far
in excess of what they could eat.

“I have always told her to measure food
before cooking and that she can always
give out the remnant to the poor, but she
prefers throwing them away.

“She has stopped cooking for me since 2012
and told me to be doing the cooking which
I am still doing,” he said.

The Court President, Mr Adegboyega
Omilola, in his judgment said that it was
obvious from available testimony and the
respondent’s refusal to appear in court
that the marriage had “hit the rock”.

“Throughout the duration of this case, the
respondent refused to honor court processes. Therefore, the court has no other
choice than to dissolve the marriage.

“The marriage between, Minkail Abdul-
Hammed and Titilayo Abdul-Hammed is
hereby dissolved. “Both parties are no
longer husband and wife; they are free to
marry any partner of their choice without
any hindrances and molestation,” he said.