Friday, 14 October 2016

son caught in bed with his daddy second wife

A senseless son who has been having sexual relationship with his father's second wife has landed in trouble after impregnating her. 
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A randy son has incurred the anger of his father after sleeping with the man's second wife and impregnating her. The incident happened in Madhau village.

B-metro reports that Trynos Ruwendedze is reportedly engaged in a face-off with his son Simon after he allegedly impregnated his second wife Munamato Marufu. The matter came to light the day the two parties Simon and Marufu were caught red handed busy between the sheets in the latter’s bedroom hut.

It was gathered that the act was busted by some relatives who had noticed the secret relationship before, informed Trynos but he did not believe them until the day he caught them in the act following a tip off.

The son later admitted the act during a heated argument with the father. Simon further revealed that the pregnancy which Marufu was carrying was his. In defence he however, claimed that he found it a temptation too good to ignore after his step mother coerced him into having sexual intercourse with him claiming she was sexually starved by his father. 

“During a family meeting Simon told the gathering that his stepmother was the one who started the relationship when she pestered him for s*x claiming her husband Trynos was sexually neglecting her. Simon confessed that he ended up succumbing to his stepmother’s seductions the day he accompanied her to the river to fetch water. He said from that day after sleeping together it later became a regular thing until Marufu fell pregnant and the night they were caught.

“During the meeting Marufu did not also mince words when she openly confessed to her husband that she had been madly in love with his son and that the pregnancy belongs to him,” said the source.

The family members have now taken the matter to Chief Nemangwe’s attention. Chief Nemangwe confirmed the case but refused to give further comment.The incident happened in Gokwe area of Zimbabwe