Tuesday, 6 December 2016

8reasons most Nigeria men are scared of marriage

Here are 8 reasons why Nigerian men are scared of getting married.

1. Unemployment Unemployment and the fear of not getting a well-paying job tops the list of reasons men run away from marital commitment.

The prepare waiting until they are financially stable to take up the roles of a husband which comes with added responsibilities. play

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Closely tied to this is the fact that no woman would want to get married to a jobless man who cannot take care of them and they would never touch such men with a metre long pole.

Being financially stable in Nigeria comes with a lot of responsibilities as parents, siblings and other relations would also expect you to dole out something to them at the end of the month.

2. Lack of women with 'Wife Material' qualities Most Nigerian men believe that a wife should be a combination of a good cook, a capable washing machine, a very good bed mate and a woman capable of supporting them in hard times but when they meet women who are not endowed with these qualities, they tend to shrink into their shells.

3. Loss of freedom A typical Nigerian man dreads losing his freedom and prefers going and coming as he pleases. He wants to hang out with the boys, watches football without competing for the remote control, get drunk with his guys and no one would be breathing down his neck or wanting to know where he is at all times. play

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They do not want a woman who will bug them down and question every of their moves and wonder where he is if he does not get back home at 7pm.

4. Free sex Some men like the free sex they get from different girls who are willing to get down anytime they want.

They like to take the easy approach and just have fun without investing money and time in grooming their wives.

5. Expensive wedding In most Nigerian cities, getting married is so expensive that by the time one is done, he would have spent millions of Naira.

Starting from the introduction to the traditional marriage and the white wedding, some places put off their men who are ready to get married and as such, the men end up either getting married to people from other places or not getting married at all.

5. Culture Some tribes in Nigeria find it difficult allowing for inter-tribal marriages going by their cultures as they only approve people from their tribes.

This is another factor that makes men scared of getting married especially if they do not belong to the same tribe or share the same culture.

6. Expectation from in-laws In some parts of the country, some families set certain standards for anyone willing to marry their daughters and if such standard is not met, it would be practically impossible to get married to the ladies.

It is on record that some families grade their daughter's bride prices according to their levels of education, achievement in life and what the potential son-in-law has got to offer.

7. High rate of divorce Men are often intimidated at the rate of divorce that they witness in the society where most marriages do not last beyond two years. play

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When they see this and get to hear testimonies from other married men who are having a torrid time in their marriages, they tend to think they could face the same if the 8. Searching for a ready-made lady Some men make the mistake of only going for ladies who either working class or doing well in their businesses because these days, no one wants a full-time housewife who depends on the husband for everything in the home.

So they tend to tilt towards women who are well employed and have a means of livelihood and willing to share  with their man, the burden of building a home.