Monday, 12 December 2016

Chelsea FC’s Premier League Points Could Be Reduced by F.A.

Antonio Conte’s men were involved in a
clash with Manchester City at the end of
last week’s game and could be punished
heavily for repeatedly violating FA laws.

The scuffle between Chelsea and
Manchester City players at the end of last
weekend’s encounter could see the former
docked points, The Sunday Mirror reports.
Sergio Aguero and Fernandinho were sent
off after a clash between the players, staff
and substitutes in retaliation to the
Argentine attacker’s tackle on David Luiz
at the end of Chelsea’s 3-1 win at the
Etihad Stadium.
Both teams were charged by the Football
Association in the wake of the game and
while it was City who saw two players
dismissed, Chelsea could come away worse
off from the controversy.
The Blues have already been fined four
times for violating FA rules on player
conduct in the past 19 months.
Notably, Chelsea were in hot water with
the FA after a bust-up with Tottenham
players at the end of last season, a game in
which nine players were booked.
The Stamford Bridge outfit were fined
heavily after that incident and warned that
their repeat offences could lead to a point
If the FA were to pursue such a
punishment, it would be the first time a
top-flight English club has had points
removed in 26 years, when Manchester
United and Arsenal were punished for a
battle between players.