Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas: Ebonyi Governor Announces13th Month Salary Bonus For Workers

Xmas: Umahi announces 13th month salary
bonus for Ebonyi workers.
Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has
said he would pay one month salary bonus
as part of his Christmas package to
Umahi, who was on a visit to the Ebonyi
State University permanent site in
Ezzamgbo, said in spite of the recession in
the country and the fact that the state is
one of the lowest recepients of federal
allocations, his administration was
determined to improve the lot of its
Explaining that junior workers would
receive 100 per cent bonus and senior
workers 50 percent , he challenged the
university authorities to emulate his
administration by paying salaries on or
before 20th of every month.
To the university workers and students, he
said his adminstration would also put smile
on their faces during the Christmas period.
To this end, he announced the donation of
a bag of rice each to all staff of the
university and N5m to be shared by them .
He also gave 3,000 bags of rice and N10
million to the students as their Christmas
gifts and donated two buses to the Students
Union Government for easy transportation
of students to their various campuses.
The governor further stated that the state
House of Assembly had already given
approval for sums to be spent on the
largesse, stressing that his government was
not owing workers salaries.
Recall that Umahi had announced 5 per
cent salary increment to all the workers on
October 1 this year.
Umahi further disclosed his
administration’s plan to begin immediate
payment of gratuity arrears owed by both
local and state governments since 1993
amounting to N8bn.
The governor, who expressed dismay that
civil servants found it difficult to pay their
retired colleagues their pensions but would
want to be paid when they retired, said the
payment of gratuities would begin this
month with the families of retirees who are
now late.
He said,”We are not owing anybody
pension in Ebonyi State. Gratuity is owed
since 1993 and gratuity for both local and
state governments is over N8bn but the
funny thing is that when you seat as a civil
servants,you refuse to pay others their
gratuities and when you now leave, you
start insisting, we should pay gratuity.
“So, for those we have owed gratuity for a
very long time;we are expecting a miracle.
What we want to do for our brothers and
sisters that were not paid gratuities and
they are dead, we intend to look at them
and see how we can pay off their gratuities
through their families and we hope to do it
this December.
“We also want to pay everyone that has
retired 10 per cent of whatever we owe
him/her in the name of pension and other
Umahi further disclosed that his
government haD assisted Ebonyians mostly
women doing petty business (not hawkers)
in Lagos with N140m to enhance their
business opportunities.
The governor also announced there was no
going back on dry season farming in the
state next year.