Friday, 16 December 2016

horrors from hell. see how family have been tormented by evil spirit for the past 20years

The native doctor shows the evil chicken she found. Photo by Mkhuseli Sizani



Members of the Majeke family in Emnandi kasi, Somerset East, South Africa, are currently thanking God for saving them from an age-long problem.


The family revealed that for 21 years, the family has been terrorised by evil spirits, evil footsteps, gunshots and itching bodies at night.


The family also also said their relationships always ended in disaster and claimed some members of the family have disappeared.


Many powerful traditional healers reportedly tried but couldn’t help them out until now.


According to Daily Sun SA, on Tuesday a native doctor, Nomanyange Jamani from KwaZakhele, Port Elizabeth came to perform rituals.


On Wednesday morning the family reported for the first time in years they had slept like babies.


Nomanyange, a 47-year-old, found a fresh dead chicken in the house.


She said: “The chicken was meant to destroy the family. Some would end up in jail, while others would disappear.”


Daily Sun SA reports that the family members have opened up about their terror.


One sibling said she and her three brothers all had good s*x in their dreams and got bored with their partners in real life.


She said her one brother also disappeared after 2013 and hasn’t phoned them.


“I decided not to date even though I’m beautiful and have a good job in government.”


Her brother said: “I dated many women in my life, but no one lasted over a month. They all dumped me because I was having s*x with beautiful women in my dreams.”


The mum said she endured terrifying footsteps on the roof at night and sounds like gunshots in her wardrobe, as well as feeling somebody in bed with her and a baby sucking her breast.


“But the native doctor bust the evil black chicken. I slept peacefully last night.

“The family was cursed with bad luck,” said Nomanyange. “Impundulu, a snake and an evil sprit were roaming the house.”