Tuesday, 6 December 2016



My name is Eliboy. I’m from a polygamous home and the last child of 18children. My siblings have the raw cash (money) to sponsor my education up to the level of schooling abroad but like the saying ‘every mallam with his own kettle’ they don’t care, the only option is for me to hustle and take full responsibility of my education.
After my secondary education, I had to struggle hard by hustling like every ambitious youth who have goals to achieve. I spent three good years at home working as a class room teacher, party planner, master of ceremonies MC, designer, and sometimes driver to some aged individuals.
With all these jobs, I was able to make good money that will see me through my school if not to the end but at least 2yrs.
A devil in the appearance of an angel I believe is exactly what I am when it comes to womanizing, It’s the only bad thing about me actually, this makes most of my friends who knows the real me calls me commissioner of womens’ affair, others shawama Lord but I prefer the name my one and only best friend Jerry calls me, the reason is that he always whine his waist like Shakira while calling the name. I guess you want to know the name, its ALELE KPEKUS.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
It was a Monday morning, the temperature outside was 45 degrees, so I turned 45 degrees facing the wall as I laid like an helpless chick on my bed. Being soaked alone in cold, I wasn’t able to sleep, so I had to listen to some cool music.
I was listening to my favorite music sang by flavour titled “catch cold” when a message beeped my phone. It was an email from sender NDU (Niger Delta University) I opened the message to read and its content was;
“AYIS ELIBOY you have been offered provisional admission into NDU to pursue a degree programme in the department of zoology, you are expected to start the screening process as soon as possible.
I sighed in anger going through the message again and again, I’ve always dreamt of being a medical doctor saving lives and helping humans and not attending to animals and studying their embryological features. Thinking took over me as my cerebrum expanded. I never knew when tears started rolling off my eyes and I said, another wasted year!
Two years back I was given admission to study medicine
and surgery in this same school but it was swept off by a whirled wind from nowhere. I had to decline due to my father’s death.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
The next day, I searched for my jamb form to see if the second choice institute I filled would be a better alternative, I found it finally and Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro was my 2nd choice institute with the course Science Laboratory Technology (SLT).
It’s somehow related to medicine and surgery although not as I thought because it is restricted to the laboratory only, more also not only medical lab but all variety of labs.
I quickly reached out for my phone to surf the net to see if the second choice institute form was still on sales and behold it was, I dashed off to a café in my vicinity to purchase the form and was told to visit the school for further processes.
To be continued….