Tuesday, 6 December 2016



 How I wish there is an escape route to free myself from this mess, its certain that nemesis has caught up with me and I have to accept it and find a perfect solution…
With lot of diversion of taught I finally decided to see our family doctor Dr. Gbogboro Freedom, instead of those so called professional doctors working in general hospital, I can’t stand their questions unlike Dr. Gbogboro who will understand everything I will say and commence treatment without any restriction.
I got to his hospital at Ogborikoko road and met his absence, I have to wait for him and ignore other doctors’ invitation to see them and tell them what brought me to the hospital… For me not to be idle, I engaged in discussion with one of the patient waiting for Dr. Gbogboro too, according to him he was involve in a fatal accident but with the grace of God he survived sustaining just a fracture of his spinal cord leaving him with hunch back, I couldn’t tell him my reason for visiting the hospital because I was ashamed and don’t even know how to put it into an explanatory form.
During the course of our discussion Dr. Gbogboro walked in like fragile glassware passing everyone waiting for him in the form of laminar flow.
Soon patient troop into his office one after the other until it got to my turn. I walked in and he offer me a seat which I sat down comfortably to enumerate and elucidate the issue that brought me to his office, after my explanation he cleared his throat and threw the following questions on me which I answered without shame or frights;
DR. GBOGBORO: You have more than one s-x partner am I correct?
ME: yes sir you’re correct
DR. GBOGBORO: You don’t use condom when having s-x?
ME: I do use sometimes, depending on how it started
DR. GBOGBORO: do you trade s-x for money or drugs?
ME: not at all
DR. GBOGBORO: well you have s-x with someone who has had many partners or might have contacted this infection through toilet or other source, presently I can’t give a prescription until I get the result of a well taken test. Just wait let me contact the laboratory department…

 He called the laboratory department that he is sending someone there by name AYIS ELIBOY that they should carry out the following test HIV test, urine test and others, he also said they should prepare the results as fast as they can for him to work on.
I greeted him and went to the lab where an average age girl asked me to fill a form; I filled it and gave it back to her. She brought a syringe and withdrew blood from my upper arm after all attempt searching for a visible vain in my metacarpal region failed, she gave me a universal container to fill with urine and ask me to wait back in the reception until the doctor send for me, I did as she instructed waiting for the results to be ready...

-    -   -

 I dozed off after much waiting until the lab technician woke me up, telling me to meet the doctor in his office that he is waiting for me, I asked her if the result is ready and she nodded her head in a suspicious manner which makes me to perceive a negative outcome.
What will I do if tested positive with HIV, this result better give any other infection and not HIV because with HIV/AIDS am half dead. I knocked the door of the doctor’s office twice before opening looking straight to the doctors’ eyes, he laughed after sighted me and advice me to be careful with women that if possible I should avoid unprotected s-x for such not to happen again.
He was still looking at the result at the same time writing on a small paper, when he finished, he gave me the test result and the small paper containing the drugs I have to buy. He urge me to get the drugs from the pharmacy department in the hospital and not those quake chemist store out there, I left his office for the pharmacy department and pay for the drugs which was given to me after the payment was made. I went back to his office to know if am paying for any other thing but he told me to go home that the only thing am suppose to pay for is the test but he has already taken care of that, I greeted him with great appreciation and left the hospital with satisfaction.
It’s now confirmed that I will be okay as long as I take the medication as prescribed by the doctor to eliminate the Staphylococcus aureus, I will also help myself by eliminating Favour, get rid of Rukky in my heart, and erase women totally in my life so as to be a free man. I even went further to praise God for the deliverance promising to serve him in truth and in spirit, and give offering of thanks (thanksgiving) the next day been Sunday…
Reaching home I took the right dose of the medication for the day and start meditating all through, the whole film of what I did in Ozoro played in my mind and I try to figure out who among the two girls I slept with infected me with this so called ‘staph’ (‘ota garri’ according to Jerry).
After the forward and backward thinking I couldn’t getkno know the person because I slept with Rukky without CD, I undergo two sweet rounds with Favour the first I used CD but the second I didn’t use CD because of foolishness I called excitement… ‘Well it has happened’ I said after stressing my brain to recollect the events which didn’t yield the right answer.
 – – –
 The service was so sweet as I dance and praise God just as I promise, everyone in church were all surprise because of the extra strength I added in almost everything I did in the service. I even took my drugs to church to pray on it, and swallow that morning dose right in the church while the service was going on.
I waited for second service and took the afternoon dose there also, until it got to 4:00pm sharp when they finally close, assuming there is evening service I would have stay behind because I was filled with the Holy Spirit as I sweat furiously dancing to the glory of God and singing at the top of my voice.
 The day was uneventful as I did so many unusual things; I locked myself inside my room and slept off without even watching my favorite programme on Mytv station.
 I woke up around 1:34am to urinate and was scared because of the normal pain I received any time I try to pee, I have to bear it but couldn’t because it was itching me badly. Nature can’t be cheated so I have to urinate by obeying nature, behold I urinated like I use to without feeling any pain. Staph is gone at last, my mind became at peace as I slept without any worries (hakuna matata).
 – – –
The next day being Monday, I woke up to see a text from Jerry, I checked the time its 8:15am already. I quickly unlock my phone to read the message and after reading it my heart was filled with joy….
I didn’t know when I started singing my own version of GOD WIN by Korede Bello;

“I don get alert na GOD win
I don cure my ‘staph’ na GOD win
I don pass exam na GOD win
Dem be say I nor go pass na GOD win
Anytin I do na GOD win, na GOD win
Anytin I do na GOD win, na GOD win