Wednesday, 7 December 2016



Satan the devil has his way of spoiling someone’s joy but not in this case. I haven’t finished celebrating the good news Jerry gave me when a call came in, I almost picked it as I brought the phone out of my pocket but seeing the caller’s name makes me get moody. It’s a call from RUKKY OZ, what does she want from me? I asked myself. She kept on calling, giving me 2 dozens of miss calls (24 missed calls), I couldn’t bear it anymore and I start ending the calls by pressing the red button on my phone since it’s not there for fancy, but she still kept on calling. I angrily put my phone on airplane mode so no call can come in and opened Jerry’s message to confirm the source of my happiness;
“Congratulation brother, you are among the 200 students that were admitted into the department of SCIENCE LAB. TECH. your name is the 15th name on the list, you should try and come over for your clearance. I’m happy for you”

- - - - - - - - -

Guess what, in less than two hours all my properties have been arranged awaiting next week, when I will leave for the clearance. I made some withdraw with my ATM card to get some stuffs in preparation for next week departure. At last am leaving for school after many years at home, as if three years is a thousand years.
I just can’t swallow such great news alone I have to broadcast it to my friends since they won’t be seeing me in the area any more. I opened my Ecolax box to get a nice T-shirt, pencil jean and my Versace shoe which I wore as if am going to the club. I started the movement by visiting my family members before visiting my friends. Some of my friends gingered me to follow them to a popular bar in town for a get-together party, telling me it calls for a celebration and not just mere talking…
While we were in the bar drinking, I decided to call some of my friends who haven’t heard, so they can come over and join us. There were lot of champagne, whiskey, Hennessey, and beers on the table which hasn’t been touched. Ohhh, my phone is still on airplane mode, I deactivated the airplane mode and network came in with a beep of my message tune. The message is from RUKKY OZ, so I ignored opening it, as I search my contact for the numbers I wanted to call. I made the calls and all my niggers ball in with their babes and lot of ballary, it’s a complete house and they made me catch fun as if it’s my birthday. We really enjoyed ourselves and left the place with lot of liquor in our system. Oke who engineered the get-together by paying for the drinks, almost get us killed as he drove his car like Jarkie Chan on our way home, he saw a bulldozer coming and he starting throttling the car which increased the acceleration, when we ask him to slow down he said there is no need for that, telling us he want to fly over the bulldozer like we use to watch in American films. Most of us were surprise as our eyes became clearer; I griped the stirring from him and turn it back to our lane leaving the car with just a minor scratch after hitting the side of the bulldozer. ‘See wizard when won kill me on top my admission’, I have to step him down and took over the wheel, we dropped everyone that were inside the car in their respective home before I drove down to Okes’ house to park his sienna model XLE. He lives in the next street after mine; I trek to my house with dazzling eyes which makes everyone appear double on the road…

It’s a day well spent and also to remember. I spend almost the whole day in the company of my friends; I manage to bath and settled on one of the chairs in the sitting room to watch my programme since its 9:00pm which is the time for the programme DYESEBEL on Mytv. As the programme was going on I notice my phone battery was down so I went to where the socket is, squat and plug my charger. As I was about standing RUKKY OZ started calling again, does it mean this girl is missing me or she is up to something. I ended the call and she sent another message into my phone making it two messages, I clicked on the message notification to check what she has sent.

“I know I’ve wrong you, by not talking to you after what we had that night, and also not replying the text you sent me the day after. I’m really sorry, call back please”

“Eli I haven’t seen my flow this month and I guess am pregnant, more reason why you have to call me”

My brain ignited, it can’t be trueeeeeee. I promise myself to be a changed person and this so called RUKKY wants to tie me down, over my dead body oo, in short it won’t work…. I was still saying it loud, when my mum walked in and asked me what is the problem? Demanding to know who wants to tie me down, I never knew she overheard what I said;
ME: Jerry told me my name is out but the school is demanding one hundred thousand from each student, before we can start the clearance and other payments, but I said to myself that they can’t tie me down because of that money;
MUM: when do they need the money?
ME: According to him, we are to pay the money into the school account next week
MUM: I’ll give you the money when you are ready to go, so don’t bother yourself
ME: Thanks baby… (Saying it with relieve, I was able to twist the truth and got a reward of one hundred thousand naira lol)

She Walked back to her room and I started thinking if I should call Rukky, or text her. She can’t even carry my baby because she might deposit some fraction of her staph to the baby. How I’m sure she is the one that gave me the staph self, it might be Favour because her body is even too open. I manage to hit the walls of her orifice because of the experience I have in bleeping. I was thrown into confusion by my taught, and slept off without arriving at a concrete solution.
- - - - - - - - - -

Throughout the week I spoke with Jerry on phone, and he gave me lot of orientation about the school. We planned on how we will cope when I finally resume. I also spoke with Favour trying to get familiar with her and take her as a friend, YES ‘just a friend’. And I kept on ignoring RUKKY by not taking her calls nor replying her messages….. I can’t be a father now, and if truly she is pregnant it’s certain, that I’m not the father of that child because I know I didn’t pour much inside, I only gave her one shot and pour the rest shot outside her shawama…