Wednesday, 7 December 2016



The so waited week finally came, before then I’ve contacted all my family members and friends who gave me what they can offer as a support to my education. I now have money to get all I needed like a classic apartment that is well furnished, electronics, generator, school fees and others unknown to me.
Without anyone mentioning it to me, I know I must surely excel because throughout my primary and secondary education, I always emerge the best and was given several scholarship awards by Shell, Globestar and some rich individuals. The only bad aspect of me is women, I can’t control myself when am close to shawama. If honey and shawama is set before me to make a choice, I’ll go for the shawama leaving the honey for ants to lick. But thank God I’m a changed person now. It’s up to two weeks, I haven’t sex under minding the fact that I have close to 25 girlfriends in warri and it’s environ, and I didn’t call them any day not to talk of taking their calls. The fear now is if I can continue this way in school. People do say “a player is always a player” if I should see myself as a football player then it’s obvious that I played my games like Christiano Ronaldo who never get caught by any defender, because of his skills and pace, but I will try and take the light of Fernado Torres who became a washed and faded player when transferred to Chelsea FC.
- - - - - - - - -

The first two weeks was like hell, moving from one office to another for clearance, collection of 4 files and payment of dues from bank to bank. I also created time to be with Jerry and pay for an apartment in DADDY’S HOSTEL. During this period lectures weren’t in my mind, even though they have started lecturing. To me it’s too fast, students in ND1 going to ND2 just finish writing their second semester exams and they expect the new intake to be receiving class, it’s really unfair.
In no due cost, I was done with all the payment and made some nice friends who were also busy doing their clearance too. What is left now for me is to change all the tellers and bank draft to the school receipt. Almost all the offices we entered the staffs there will ask for recharge card or drinks before they will attend to us, I played along with them by cooperating and by the third week I was through with all payments and changing of tellers to receipt…
- - - - - - - -

It’s the fourth week of resumption; I was the first to be in the lecture hall, since I haven’t received any proper lecture, I prepared on time and left my apartment where I stayed alone as early as 6am. After an hour, the lecture hall was filled to the beam and noise took over the mini hall as voices echoed like a talking drum in my ears. I wasn’t comfortable being my first time of receiving lectures in the school, I rested my head on the desk where I was sitting down, and started listening to reggae songs on my phone. In a short while, someone tapped me which makes me to adjust staring at the pretty girl eye ball to eye ball, she returned my gazed with a frigid sensation;
CHEKWUBE: My friend, are you fine?
ME: Do I look sick? (I asked, returning a question instead of an answer)
CHEKWUBE: That wasn’t what I meant, I just wanna know if you are okay because you look stress up
ME: I’m not used to noise that’s just it…
CHEKWUBE: Eyaaaaaahhhhhh….. kpele
ME: Hmmmmm… Thank you
CHEKWUBE: I haven’t seen you in our class before, are you just resuming?
ME: Yes and you?
CHEKWUBE: I’ve been receiving lectures since they resumed, although they haven’t done much sha. It’s only few lecturers that have been coming
ME: But you have all the notes?
CHEKWUBE: Yes, all my notes are up to date
ME: Please you will borrow me them, so I can start studying to catch up with you guys.
CHEKWUBE: no problem, they are all at home. Maybe you will come to my house to collect them or tell me your address so I can come over to give them to you
ME: I live in Daddy’s Hostel room 10, where do u stay?
CHEKWUBE: Prestine Hostel
ME: I’ve heard of that hostel before, it has a bad reputtttttttttt