Wednesday, 7 December 2016



I haven’t finished my statement when an average height man walked into the hall and the whole building became calm like a graveyard. Chekwube just whispered to my ears that he is the lecturer taking plant and animal taxonomy and also the course adviser of the department; I nodded in haste as if my mouth weren’t functioning;
LECTURER: Good morning great scientist!
CLASS: Good morning sir (The whole class shouted)
LECTURER: I believed some of you are here for the first time, and some of you where in my first class?
CLASS: Yes sir (some students were shouting MR. FOLE the thalophyta)
LECTURER: For those of you who don’t know me am your course adviser, my name is MR. FOLE and I’ll be taking a very important course in your field, with the course code STB121 ‘plant and animal taxonomy’.

   He wrote the topic for the day on the marker board, which is TAXONOMY and started lecturing. He defined taxonomy as the science of finding, describing, classifying and naming organisms; he explained further and touched some sub-topic where he ended with NUMECLATURE. During the lecture he asked several questions and the brilliant student especially those in his first class answered all perfectly, I happened to be among those that answered his question. He brought out a book and wrote down our names, he promise to pick the class rep which they fondly call HOC (Head Of Class) from that list in his next class, he gave us an assignment and left the lecture hall.

Other lecturers came in turn that very day to introduce the course they take, and continue from where they stopped in their previous class. I was a bit shy with the way people looked at me at the end of the days’ lecture, but Chekwube told me it’s because of my unbelievable performance in the first class we had. She asked me to follow her to her hostel to get the notes, and promise to help me copy some. We boarded a bike and went to her hostel;
CHEKWUBE: Welcome to my house, please sit down (offering me a stool)
ME: You have a nice place
CHEKWUBE: thanks, I know yours will be a paradise, can’t wait to go there with you (sorting out all the notes from her small shelf)
ME: I pray oo
CHEKWUBE: you sound like someone from Warri with you accent?
ME: Yes am a Wafferian, what about you?
CHEKWUBE: I’m from Sapele but I love hanging out with Warri boys?
ME: Why?
CHEKWUBE: They got swag, charming looks, mind (guts), sense, brilliant and are good in so many things
ME: Hahahahahahaha, things like what?
CHEKWUBE: You know na, I don’t have to say it all…
ME: You must say it all oo, finish watin you start
CHEKWUBE: Maybe some other time. *smilling* please take the notes, and give me some of you empty note so I can copy for you.

I gave her two empty notes which she promised to use for ELECTRONIC LOGIC FOR SCIENCE (STP 122) & HEAT ENERGY (STP 121). She saw me off to her gate where I took a bike to my hostel. My phone rang up to five times while I was on the bike but I couldn’t pick-up, I paid the bike man and brought out my phone to see who have been calling. Its FAVOUR, I dialed her number and she picked;
FAVOUR: It has come to this level eh?
ME: Is that how you greet your elders? (Saying it jokingly)
FAVOUR: Sorry, I noticed you have been avoiding me. It’s the fourth week since you resumed and we haven’t seen each other, any time I call you on phone, you must always have an excuse either you are in the bank or bursary, if not bursary its admission office
ME: But that is the truth na (interrupting her)
FAVOUR: Today you were on top of bike with the rector’s daughter, going to her house to pay for SUG DUE shey?
ME: No oo, the girl you saw me with is my course mate. I followed her to her house just to get her notes
FAVOUR: but I saw you holding her when the bike passed my hostel
ME: I didn’t hold her oooooooo, the only time my hand touches her was when we passed a speed breaker… Do you live close to the speed breaker?
FAVOUR: Something like that. I’m spending tonight in your place live and direct, so send me your address now I’m prepared already. I will be there as soon as I received the text. Please hurry with it because its 5:51pm and I won’t be able to get bike if it gets to 6:00pm
ME: Okay….

 I sent her my address immediately and started regretting sending it. I quickly brought out my phone again trying to terminate the message which has already been delivered. Hope that girl isn’t coming to tempt me?  I be fool oo, I have notes to copy and I’m allowing a girl to come and spend the night with me. What if she seduce me or even rape me… well I’ve told her we are just friends, Yes ‘best of friends’ and not lovers. That is to say am safe with her……………