Wednesday, 7 December 2016



I was in my room putting things in place when someone barge my door wide open without knocking, such altitude really gets me pissed off, but because it was Favour, I didn’t reveal how angry I was. I welcomed her in with a hug and offer her to sit on my foreign leather chair, which is adjacent to my bed, facing my 14 inches flat screen tv (LG plasma). I brought out Holandia yoghurt from my student refrigerator and gave it to her with a smiling outlook, before going to the filling station to get petrol. The queue there was so long that I spent almost 20mins until it got to my turn; I planned to buy 6 liters which I believe will take us till dawn but the attendant said a liter is #170 and no longer #86. I gave him #680 for 4litres, which was at a very high cost. I should have bought from black market at the rate of #200 per liter na, than to be on this queue wasting my precious time, I complained bitterly to the pump attendant as I close the gallon I took there to get the petrol.

I branch a beer parlor on my way back to get a bottle of John Bar, knowing fully well that Favour love drinking whisky. Gotten home I perceive a pleasant smell coming from my kitchen and tried to figure out what it was;
FAVOUR: What took you so long?
ME: I met a very long queue in the filling station, and have to wait until it gets to my turn
FAVOUR: Are you sure? I’m not a dull girl oo, I can perceive the cigarette on your body
ME: Can’t you see what am holding, I went to eagle square to get you this whisky. Or don’t you like john bar again?
FAVOUR: I like
ME: What have you been doing since I left?
FAVOUR: Go inside the kitchen and see for yourself.

I entered the kitchen and saw all sort of ingredient hovering with rice as it boils, bringing out steam which smells like fried rice. I didn’t tell this girl to cook fried rice ooo, ‘what if she washed something inside, it could even be her shawama water that is making it to green’ I said to myself. I prefer to eat the okro soup I cooked than this poison she is cooking right now.
For her not to get suspicious, I thanked her for the great job she was doing and ask her to open the drink I bought, so we can drink together. She opened it and drank almost half of the bottle on that particular spot, pouring the content into her mouth directly from the bottle. I took it from her and serve her with a disposable cup and also turn some for myself.
We drank together and started talking about the fun we had in the party where we met each other, we went further to talk about the hotel we spent the night that very day.  She revealed to me that she weren’t really high when I jump on her, that she pulls her clothes herself because she needs a man at that moment. I was not surprise when she said so, because I remember she asked for a second round, of which I gave to her, meaning she knows I touched her at first. We were still discussing when she started touching and robbing her bosoms, she left the leather chair she was sitting and join me in the bed, I notice the change in her and started praying in my mind for God to give me the strength to overcome any temptation she will render. At this point she removed her hands from her bosoms and head straight to my chest removing the two upper button of my shirt. She started rubbing my hairy chest and pinching my little nipples, she was about moving her reddish lip which was filled with lipstick paint on my own lips, when I push her;
ME: Your rice is burning
FAVOUR: OO, I forgot
ME: go and check it now before you set this hostel ablaze (arranging my curve7 which has already started increasing in size)
I pour out a fresh breath after breathing in, watching her as she rushed down to the kitchen. I was really mad with my curve7 because I expected it to remain at rest since I am now a change person but it stood up without my permission, I promise to tie it with rope when next it behaves in such a way.
Favour came out with a well served fried rice containing two spoons, and brought out two sachet water, from the fridge. She put some quantity of rice on my mouth, and asks me to do same which I comply, I wanted to stop eating but the rice was so sweet, that I have to eat it with her to the end and even ask for more. When we finish eating, she collected the bottle of whisky and drank the remaining content; I was just staring at her wondering why a girl should drink in such manner.
I greeted her for preparing a delicious meal, and went to the bathroom to freshen up; I came out and saw her with my phone.
FAVOUR: A message just came into your phone from RUKKY
ME: Please let me have it
FAVOUR: I wanted to read it but your phone was locked
ME: You know it’s not good to read someone’s message that is the girl that gave me her notes to copy.
FAVOUR: I’m a special person to you na, so I have the right to read your messages
ME: Yes you have the right. Go and bathe now the water is not running well again, I guess the tank is almost empty (trying to avoid more talk).

I collected the phone from her and she took my towel and went to the bathroom. I unlocked my phone and open the message RUKKY sent.
“Eli, I’m travelling down to Warri on Saturday. My dad just called me that he has been promoted to Major General after defecting Bokoharam in Kaduna State. If you want to see me, come to my house at 200 battalion army barrack. Love you, sweetdreams”

What a problematic situation I have landed myself into? So RUKKY father is a soldier? Jezz!!! I can’t see myself being mess up by an army, she even said 200battalion ooooooooo… my world has come to an end…

There is no need to panic, because she calls me her love and wish me sweet dreams, I must call her and reach an agreement with her. In short anything she wants from me, I must make sure I do it. I was still exaggerating when FAVOUR came out from the bathroom.