Wednesday, 7 December 2016



FAVOUR: Sweetie, I so much enjoyed the water
ME: Me too, that is why I ask you to go and shower
FAVOUR: Now we can enjoy ourselves
ME: I can’t lie to you; my mind now is how I can finish all the notes I took from that my friend
FAVOUR: You value the note more than me eh?
ME: I value our friendship, but education comes first
FAVOUR: Baby you know I love you, please give me your romantic touches (dropping the towel with only her bra and pant on)
ME: I remember I once told you that we are just friends, and apologize for having copulation with you?
FAVOUR: We are friends and great lovers if you must know… Baby stop all this na, I am in the mood already (using her boobs to stab my body by holding me to herself)
ME: I’m not in the mood and will never be, I am sorry (repelling her body)
FAVOUR: I don’t like begging guys, but you will regret this I bet you. By next week you will come looking for my I promise
ME: Don’t take it that far, we are friends but the truth is that I can’t just have coition with you when I don’t love you. I’m a change person now what happened the other day is a mistake (I tried to explain)
FAVOUR: Then let the mistake repeat itself now or else you will regret not repeating it
ME: I can’t

I left her in her standing state and went outside to put on the generator, its 7:12pm and I have to start updating my note, she wore her nightgown which she came with and slept off. I couldn’t sleep as I was thinking about RUKKY and her Army dad, with the baby she claim to be carrying for me, I manage to finish the entire note late in the night and went outside to kill the engine of my generator. I slept on the chair, resting my head on the reading table.

I woke up around 5:30am and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes, after which I brush my teeth and prepare garri that I will use to eat my Okro soup, which I miss the previous night, because of FAVOURS sweet fried rice. All this while Favour was still sleeping snoring loud like an elephant; I took my bath and woke her up to bathe as well. She greeted me and went to the bathroom, after some minutes she came back wore her clothes and arrange her belongings in her small bag.
I told her to get us food which she did without complaining, we ate the Okro soup together without having any conversation. After eating she packed the plates to the kitchen to wash as I arrange my bag for school. She came out with a fake smile and we both went to the road side to get bike.
I asked her to enter the first bike we saw and gave the bike man #500, to give her the change when they got to her hostel. After waiting for some minute a bike dropped someone close to my hostel which I entered to school.
The school premises were so dull with fewer students; I have to locate a better spot where I can rest for some time before going to my lecture hall. I went to a garden where they call ‘love garden’ to rest for the main time until it get to 8am, when we will be having our first class for the day. My mind was still in a roaming state lacking momentum, all I was thinking is RUKKY and the treat FAVOUR imposed on me. I tried to call RUKKY but her phone was switched off, I called Jerry and he picked;
ME: Guy which way?
JERRY: Planning to enter waff town today?
ME: You guys, are on holiday na?
JERRY: Yes, but it’s just 3 weeks of which I have spent two weeks in the school. I want to go and spend the remaining one week with my people jare
ME: Have you seen RUKKY today?
JERRY: Yes, I believe I saw her going out from the hostel not quite long
ME: Okay, so by what time are you leaving today?
JERRY: Towards evening
ME: Then I will ball in your side after today’s lecture.
JERRY: No qualms, I dey gidigban
JERRY: Later tins

I saw three boys staring at me from far as I hanged up the call. They were all putting on black shirt, black trousers, black shoes and black cap. I left the love garden as fast as I can because I don’t want to fall into any problem in the school. I went straight to my class and saw Chekwube sitting alone, I went to where she was sitting and sat with her
ME: Good morning my dearest friend
CHEKWUBE: Good morning bros, you must try and be in school on time if you want to sit at the front
ME: I came on time, but was in the love garden relaxing
CHEKWUBE: Can’t you relax in the class; I will not keep seat for you again oo

I gave her note books to her, and we started revising what MRS. CARO who they call MAMA LOGIC in the department, took them in their previous class. She explained everything to me which I assimilate. While we were still revising the lady came in.
Normal lecture was given and I tried to make the class feel my presence, by answering some crucial questions thrown by MRS. CARO. She left the lecture hall satisfactorily, other student follow suit to get something to eat, or play outside. I and CHEKWUBE also went out to get snacks.