Wednesday, 7 December 2016



We got to the school canteen, where we bought the snacks and minerals before returning back to our lecture hall, for the next class. Reaching there I noticed my bag was not on our seat, I asked Chekwube if she hid it but she said ‘NO’. We went round the class, and manage to see it at the back of the building, where we are receiving lectures. I search the bag to see if anything has been stolen, but to my greatest surprise everything was in place. We both went in; waiting for the next lecturer to come. Chekwube was very surprise because her bag was still inside while mine was taken outside without anything stolen.
The next lecturer came in and started talking to himself, as he reads his textbook, I saw everyone writing including Chekwube and I brought out my note book also to write. I opened the small zip in my bag to get my pen and saw a small paper which came out with my pen; I didn’t have time to read what was written on it because the lecturer has gone far with his dictation. I jumped some lines and started writing as he dictate, while I was writing, I saw those three guys on black looking at me through the window. As soon as they notice I have sighted them they disappear, leaving me with tension.
After the class, I brought out the piece of paper to check what was written on it;

‘You are been watched, better have a rethink and do what is right otherwise you won’t live to tell your stories’

The message sounds more like a threat to me, but I ignored thinking it wasn’t for me, maybe someone mistakenly dropped it inside my bag, I concluded as I tore the paper. Myself and Chekwube walked to the school gate and departed to our various ways, I told her I will be going to my friend’s place, that we will see tomorrow when she asked if she can join me to my house. I took a bike to Jerry’s hostel and told him the whole truth about me and Rukky;
JERRY: Eli, I swear you acted foolishly
ME: Why do you say so?
JERRY: That girl can’t be lying, everybody knows her to be a very responsible person, you are the only guy who have slept in her house, ever since she came to this hostel
ME: Really?
JERRY: Yes guy, you better go and beg her now oo. Instead of chopping different shawama, why not take her serious and show her love
ME: I’ve stopped all that since; the problem here is that her father is an Army
JERRY: She have a military shawama that you alele na…. My friend go and meet her and stop complaining. As you can see am arranging the bag am taking to Warri

I pick up courage to approach her, and walk towards her door. She opened as I knocked the door
ME: I am sorry for not believing you
RUKKY: You don’t have to be sorry, rather I should be the one saying am sorry for pushing you away (*smiling* showing all her set of teeth)
ME: Are you still mad at me?
RUKKY: Can you come inside; I was about eating when you knocked

I walked in and shut the door; she went back to the door and locked it with the keys. She pleaded I join her with the food but I insisted, telling her am okay, I just can’t wait to have a peace agreement with her. While she was eating my eyes was facing her Tommy to see if it is swollen but it wasn’t;
ME: Hope you have been doing well?
RUKKY: Yes, why did you ask?
ME: Nothing really, but you know pregnant women are not suppose to stress themselves
RUKKY: Not in this stage, it’s just 5weeks which is a month and one week.
ME: So what is your plan?
RUKKY: I wanted to terminate it because my dad won’t be happy to find out am pregnant for a guy who isn’t ready for me, but since you have come back I’ll keep it
ME: What do you think is the best decision to make now?
RUKKY: It’s left for you to decide
ME: Tell me about your family?
RUKKY: I lost my mum while I was 10yrs old, my grand mum have to take care of me since my father is always going from one war to another as a soldier, protecting his country. I’m the only child my father has so he don’t play with me, he always come to town to see me every month.
ME: Sorry for your loss.
RUKKY: You will get to meet him soon
ME: I don’t want to meet him….. I mean not nowww (I stammered)
RUKKY: No problem
ME: What if he finds out you are pregnant?
RUKKY: I won’t let him know now; I will hide it from him until it’s obvious
ME: Okay, but they can still remove the pregnancy right?
RUKKY: At this stage it can be removed, but since I love you I won’t terminate it. I know you love me too

She walked towards me and gave me a peck after a closed warm hug. How I wish she can read my mind, I wanted her to terminate the baby because am not ready for marriage. My education matters a lot to me now and not this kind of bondage called marriage. If I even accept her and the pregnancy that means I will be going home with two certificate, birth certificate and National Diploma (ND) certificate…