Wednesday, 7 December 2016



Rukky walked down with me to get a bike, and promise to visit me in my hostel the next day. Getting to my hostel, I saw those three boys coming out from my hostel with same dress code. What does these guys wants from me? It is clear they’re after me because I’ve seen them almost 3 times today. ‘Notin do me sha, as a warri boy anything when won happen go happen’, I walked pass them with a little fright in me, and entered my hostel. I was thinking they will stop me but they didn’t.
I head straight to my apartment, and locked myself inside. While in my room, I called Rukky to let her know I have gotten home, I also called Jerry who told me he is on his way to Warri.

- - - - - - - - -

 I barely settled after eating a well cooked spaghetti, when Favour started calling me on phone. I picked up immediately;
ME: Hello fav!
FAVOUR: So it’s because of that tinny boko you choose not to touch me last night?
ME: I don’t know what you are saying
FAVOUR: You better don’t know, but have it in mind that, I gave you just one week to correct all your mistakes.

She ended the call leaving me with disbelieve, this is somebody that ate with me in the morning before I left for school. Why is she now carrying a strange altitude? I’m a man and should be in the right place to force her to myself, not she forcing me to herself. More also I don’t see anything wrong by taking her as a friend.
I tried to call her back, and make her see reasons with me, but her number wasn’t reachable. How did I even get into this mess? This girl might be smoking igbo ooo, I concluded…

- - - - - - - - -

The next day I went to school as normal, came back and called Rukky who promised to be with me. She came and we both enjoyed each other’s company, she made me feel loved, and I concluded that I will be with her at all cost. She even gave me a shocking news, that she told her dad about me, being her boyfriend of which her dad gave her the go ahead, since she isn’t a baby anymore. I was really surprise with the way things were going between us. She slept in my house and left the next day morning… I was really comfortable with her, but something is still telling me that she is not pregnant. How can I know if she is pregnant then, I finally came to a conclusion that, I will request for the pregnancy result from her. She must have done the test earlier on which makes her know that, her pregnancy is just a month plus.

- - - - - - - -

Because of the sweet moment I had with Rukky the previous day, I woke up late. This makes me not to prepare on time and went to school meeting the first class of the day half way, I tried to search for Chekwube through the window, but couldn’t find her in the class. I entered the lecture hall through the back door and stood there, until the lecturer left the class. I manage to sight Chekwube on a different seat, I walked to her to know why she didn’t sit in our normal seat, she said someone was sitting there when she entered and she has to look for an empty seat, where the both of us can occupy.
As usual, we went out of the lecture hall to get snacks and pepsi, since the next class will commence in 30mins time. As we approached the canteen holding each other’s hands, someone tapped me from behind and I turned to see who the person was. It was Favour;
FAVOUR: Lover boy, tell your smalli to leave us (pointing at Chekwube)
ME: For what reason if I may ask? Did you lost your manners
FAVOUR: Don’t dare me Eli just do as I say
ME: You surprise me like seriously, you weren’t like this when we first met. (Chekwube perceiving danger, get loose of her hands from mine and went into the canteen to watch what was going on)
FAVOUR: I just don’t know why you are acting childishly, all this heavenly property I’m offering you, you say you don’t like them, and here you are going after lizards that don’t have anything to offer you
ME: You just intimidated me before my friend and I won’t take such rubbish from you next time, don’t even think of seeing me as a friend anymore… get off my way you disgust me.  (I pushed her off my way and walked in to meet Chekwube)
FAVOUR: We shall see. You have stepped on my toe, and it hurt me really bad (she shouted as I walked into the canteen)

I was really embarrassed with what Favour did and didn’t bother to eat anything in the canteen, I only bought snacks for Chekwube and we both went into our lecture hall thereafter. Chekwube tried all means to know who Favour is to me, and why she acted that way in public, but I wasn’t in the mood to explain anything to her.
After our last class she followed me to my house where we ate together and played WHOT.
I called my love Rukky, to come over and meet Chekwube, who I’ve already told her about when she slept in my house the previous day. Rukky has already planned to see her and also pass the night in my house….