Wednesday, 7 December 2016



I and Chekwube were busy concentrating on the WHOT we were playing, when Rukky came knocking. Chekwube went for the door and Rukky walked in with a splendid smile…

RUKKY: She must be the brain box you have been telling me about?
ME: Yeah, she is the Chekwube who always stood by me as long as that department is concern (Chekwube locked the door and took back her position)
RUKKY: She is a pretty young girl, we even look alike (Chekwube smiled as she blushed)
ME: I disagree, you both have pointed nose and same complexion that doesn’t make you babes look alike
CHEKWUBE: Whether you like it or not Eli, she has said it all and I agree with her
ME: Girls and backup, una win ooo

We were still discussing when I realized my fridge is lacking yoghurts and drinks; all I have inside was just sachet water. I excused myself from them and went outside to get drinks, yoghurts, fruits and bread. Rukky love eating indomie and I decided to get some eggs also since two cartons of indomie are still in my kitchen… I went to a small market close to my hostel to get all I needed.

On my way back, three young boys ambushed me. They jumped out from an unknown location and pointed different instrument on me, since I didn’t see them with a gun, I took a bold step by asking them what the problem was. I didn’t get to finish the statement when one of them gave me a dirty slap. I kept quiet as they asked me to follow them without looking back; I obeyed and started walking with them. They all hid their instrument on their body and started talking to each other as we walked back to the direction where I was coming from.
I realized they have lost focus on me, since their discussion brought argument among them, the worst part of it was that they didn’t mask up and I can see their face clearly even thou it’s about 6:45pm, these guys are the three boys that I have been seeing for the past days, the only difference is that they weren’t putting on their black clothes rather they dressed on jeans and white shirt. Thank God for making me a Warri boy, I brilliantly started walking sluggishly as if am tired, until they are few steps ahead of me. With a twinkle of an eye, I entered reversed after holding an automatic break, and ran out of their sight like super Mario (B race). They ran after me and I didn’t bother to turn back to see if they are close. If it were to be Olympic, the best runner in 500metres race can’t even see my back, as I staggered passed all obstacles on my way. I ran to a point that I couldn’t move any further due to fatigue, I diminished my speed as soon as I got close to a busy place and looked backed to see if they were still coming, but they weren’t in any way coming. I became relaxed and sat on the tar road. Wow!!! It’s a narrow escape I said to myself;
Who really are those guys?
Why are they after me?
Why did I even run?
Will they come after me again?
What can I do now to overcome them?
Or are they cultist?
I didn’t offend anyone na, or did I?
What must I do now?
Should I inform the police?
They might be kidnappers.
Who even sent them to kidnap me?
Do I look like Dangote son?
What would have happened if I didn’t run?

After much thinking, I stood up, carry the nylon that contains all I bought and went to my house in haste because Chekwube was still there, waiting for me to return before she leaves for her house. I got home and found the two girls laughing seriously. They both were shocked to see me sweating and breathing so hard;
RUKKY: Baby what took you so long and why are you like this?
ME: Do you want to know? (trying to arrange a truthful lie)
RUKKY: Sure, we want to know. Abi Chekwube?
ME: I forgot all the things I bought, after reaching the hostel and have to run back to get them
RUKKY: What were you thinking that makes you to forget your things, baby is like you will suck breast so that you won’t forget again. Maybe you will even forget yourself in the market one day
CHEKWUBE: Whose breast do you want him to suck if not yours? (Laughing seriously)
ME: Help me asked her oooo
RUKKY: His mum is there
ME: Na story you dey find and na acting play you go watch
RUKKY: You are not serious, don’t you know you have started acting the movie already
ME: I’m not acting anything. That’s reminds me, Chekwube you are passing the night here because there is no bike out there again, and I have locked the hostel gate
CHUKWUBE: We have already said that before you came in, there is no problem with it at all.
ME: Better (walking to the kitchen to drop what I bought, after putting the drinks and yoghurts in the fridge)

Rukky prepared the indomie which we ate together and slept after much conversation that night. The two girls enjoyed themselves getting to know each other as I was busy thinking of the scenario that took place that evening between me and the three bad guys. I couldn’t sleep that night as I stared at the PVC roof in my apartment, while wrapping RUKKY with my left hand and my right hand feeling her labia minoral on code, without CHEKWUBE observing…..

- - - - - - - -

Early Friday morning, I received a massage from an unknown sender. I opened it to see what was sent;

“You were lucky to escape from my boys due to their carelessness, but I promise you that, you won’t escape again since I will accomplished the next move myself… it’s not a warning nor threat, take note”

 The message got me speechless as I tried to figure out who the antagonist was, I couldn’t make a move as Chekwube and Rukky tried to get my attention. They were both prepared waiting for me to get ready for us to leave the house. I just can’t go out after all this, what if they bracket me out there? It is safe I remain at home all day, but I can’t miss class.