Wednesday, 7 December 2016



I tried my possible best to gather the momentum needed to overcome my present predicament and inscribed guts to push ahead. Dressed up and took all I needed for the days lecture, myself and Chekwube went for school and Rukky to her house. Rukky has already planned to carry her travelling bag to my house that day, since she will travel back home the next day, to see her just promoted father, who she haven't seen for up to two months...


Chekwube and I walked into the school through the back gate, instead of the main gate, it was all my ideal as I tried to avoid any unexpected attack. I was so vigilant that Chekwube started feeling so uncomfortable;
CHEKWUBE: Eli, are you seeing ghost?
ME: Did I say am seeing ghost?
CHEKWUBE: You always answer questions with question... I notice you have been looking back every seconds that passes and your sides every time an unknown voice is heard
ME: How did you know am looking back,left,right and whatsoever if you aren't doing the same?
CHEKWUBE: you eh! (getting closer to our lecture hall)
ME: you eh too! I know you always walk like a robot instead of catwalking like other girls... (She hit me at my back and carried a weird face, as we got to the entrance of our lecture hall)

We entered our lecture hall and took our normal seat, I wasn't still comfortable as the scene of those boys played in my mind any time I tried to get myself relaxed, it always leave my heart with shock which hurts me really bad...
Its past 8 O'clock and the lecturer for the first class has not arrived, this makes the class to be more noisy. They have not appointed anyone as class rep yet, otherwise the class rep would have gone to the lecturer's office to call him.
Soon students started going out to engage themselves in other activities, myself and Chekwube decided to visit our regular spot, which is the school canteen. We bought snacks and soda, and sat there discussing. Other students in my department also came to take something in the canteen and told us the lecturer we are waiting for isn't in school, news always spread so I wasn't surprised when they brought the news, they also said we are having the period as a lecture free period. This makes many students to be happy, but I was in no way happy. I'm in school just because I don't want to miss any lecture. I took the risk to be in school after the threat imposed on me by an unknown person, and this lecturer won't be coming.

After taking the light meal, we decided to walk down to the school 'love garden' to receive fresh air and gist, we got there and sat on the carpet grass, which is all over the garden;
We met several students reading and playing, they were all in two's (a male and female)

ME: this place is cool, and I like been here
CHEKWUBE: its my first time coming here, i heard its only lovers that come here to read, so this place is not meant for me
ME: the first time I came here, I wasn't with any girlfriend. So you can come here on your own
CHEKWUBE: but you have lover?
ME: yes, don't you have a boyfriend?
CHEKWUBE: I don't have and don't want to have
ME: why don't you want to have?
CHEKWUBE: am afraid of guys, they are heartless. The only guy my heart beats for already have someone
ME: you must try and win his heart
CHEKWUBE: how can I do that, he loves this girl already...
ME: Don't give up, there is no harm in trying dear
CHEKWUBE: okay, I'll try

We were still discussing when a girl called my name. She is dark skinned and very tall, I haven't met her once in my life and was surprise to hear her call my name, as if we knew each other
ME: how may I help you?
GIRL: can we see? I mean privately
ME: I don't think we can see privately, if you have anything to say feel free
GIRL: I won't take your time, just give me a minute
ME: a minute you say?
GIRL: yes a minute (smiling at me as i excuse myself from CHEKWUBE)

I followed her somewhere in the love garden where CHEKWUBE can't see us;
GIRL: you are a nice guy and I would love to help you
ME: I don't get you? And come to think of it we haven't met before how come you know my name?
GIRL: don't be foolish, you aren't safe in this school and I can be of help to you
ME: Then hit the nail on the head, remember you said just a minute which has elapse
GIRL: fine.... I'm a friend to favour, and she is not happy with you. (me hearing favours name was baffled)
ME: but I didn't wrong her, I only told her I can't date her
GIRL: that is the exact word that got her provoked and reported you to her twin brother who don't play with her
ME: reported me?
GIRL: yes, if you must know her brother is the number one man of the strongest group on campus known as the 'pirate' and I'm his girlfriend
ME: Jesus
GIRL: all I want you to do now, is to cooperate with me and you will be safe. But if you do otherwise you will end up losing your life in this school because Batam who is the twin brother of favour can kill... He has done it several times, and will do it again with you if you don't save yourself.