Tuesday, 6 December 2016



It’s Two days to the entrance examination but I was transmogrified into something unusual, didn’t bother to study which was unlike me when it comes to exam.
It was just as if am fully prepared because it wasn’t up to a month I sat for the NDU exam.
I called my best friend Jerry to inform him of my coming. He was in ND1 studying computer science in the school (DSPZ).
JERRY: Eliboy my guy A.K.A alele kpekus wazzup with you na (talking with warri accent)
ME: Brotherly I’m firm oo, I just want to let you know am sitting for ozoro poly entrance exam.
JERRY: you are a fuckup guy; you would have informed me earlier on.
ME: it’s not too late bro; I’ll be coming tomorrow to pass the night in your place
JERRY: Better, don’t worry I’ll arrange first class shawama for you. Some ripe ones are even in my hostel
ME: Abeg nor start (pidgin)
JERRY: stop pretending, I know you need one
ME: thanks, I’ve heard you.

I smiled as I hanged up, and said to myself ‘Jerrry is a baaaad guy, am not yet a student and he already has bad plan for me. A decisive taught came into my mind that it would be better if I go along with me 2 packs of condom since I don’t know Jerry’s main motive because I heard that the girls in higher institution are all bad girls. Most of them have different sexual transmitted infections which they are willing to share. I don’t want to be infected, this thought in my mind left me with no option than to go fully prepared with amour and protection (anti-biotic drugs and condoms)…
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Without any further delay, I reached for a small suitable travelling bag that will contain some clothes which will take me up to 3days in the strange town where I will be passing the night for the first time including the requirements for the examination.
– – – – – – – – – – – –
I woke up exactly 6:00am the following morning, said my prayers regarding to the trip and the examination and also seek for God’s protection throughout my stay there, thereafter, I did some exercise before entering the bathroom to freshen up.
It was exactly 7:25am when I finally finished and walk to my mum to inform her about my journey;
ME: Baby, I’m travelling to Ozoro (baby is what I often called my mum)
MUM: Son, did I hear you say travelling?
ME: yes ma, I’m going there to write their entrance exam
MUM: And you didn’t let me know on time?
ME: Sorry ma, but it’s something I can take care of
MUM: If you say so, I wish you success my son, you will pass and put our enemies to shame

She dipped her right hand into her hand bag and brought out some cash which I believe was too much.
I never wanted her to give me some money but her prayers. The total figure after counting the money is ten thousand Naira, I was so grateful and happy because I had enough cash for my trip and also to catch fun with.
I boarded a keke napep which took me to Uduaghan’s transport service at Deco junction, Warri. On my arrival, I bought a ticket for the destination I was heading and in less than 5minutes a young man started shouted at the top of his voice using a microphone;
“Ozoro with C ticket, Ozoro with C ticket, C1 to 15, your vehicle is ready. The first bus by your left hand side”
I checked my ticket carefully and saw C2 on top of it which signified the 2nd passenger to book for that vehicle. I went close to the bus so I can sit at the front and a smart looking girl joined me in the front making us three including the bus driver. Off we went after everyone has successfully secure their seats, as the vehicle sped pass a gallop, my phone fell from my hands and onto the smart soft looking girl’s lap which I boldly retrieve without minding the region the phone was close to. I later said;
ME: Am sorry pretty
GIRL: No problem, hope its working fine?
ME: yes, did the phone hurt you, I m-e-a-n are you hurt? (Stammering)
GIRL: Not really
ME: I’m Eli by name
GIRL: Rukevwe but people call me Rukky, you can call me ruk for short

She wasn’t angry at all as we started getting acquainted and finally exchanged contacts. She was smiling all through our conversation with her eye lashes blinking like that of a doll. What I liked about her was the way she bit her lips seductively…
To be continued