Wednesday, 7 December 2016


continuation from last scene....

ME: What should I do then?
GIRL: Batam loves me so much and always do what I say, I can spare your life if only you come to my house every weekend to sleep with me. I heard you are a fantastic F.U.C.K.E.R
ME: eh!!! I'm not oo
GIRL: I overheard her telling her brother that she enjoyed the way you sexed her, so I wanna see how good you are on bed. I'm desperate more than Favour if you must know (using her hands to weigh my manhood by packing it from the trouser)
ME: Truth O' God, I'm not good in it oo... Just help me na (removing her hands from my curve7)
GIRL: I've told you all I needed, if you aren't in, then forget about me helping you (leaving me stylishly, immediately she pronounced the last word in her statement)
ME: I'm in ma, please help me I'll do as you say.....
GIRL: then call me (dropping a piece of paper on the ground as she walked away)

I couldn't say anything, I was just speechless as I bent down to pick the paper she dropped, and manage to regain myself when I saw Chekwube coming from afar. She must Have been waiting for me, I put the piece of paper which contain her name (Lilian) and her number (07062446414) in my pocket.
CHEKWUBE: What were you both discussing, that makes you neglect me for more than 30mins?
ME: She brought a vital information for me from my mother, but I don't even know her
CHEKWUBE: That girl looks like a bad girl with the way she dressed, you must avoid her I beg of you
ME: I've heard you, but don't tell Rukky about her please
CHEKWUBE: Why will I do such? You just told me she came to deliver a message, which is not an offense
ME: Exactly
CHEKWUBE: We have to go to the class now, someone just told me that our HOD is there addressing everyone. That is why I came looking for you
ME: Let's rush down then, I am sorry for keeping you waiting

We walked hastily to our lecture hall, and met our HOD addressing the whole class
HOD: ............... That means you all should start reading from this minute, I didn't say you should go home and play. In this institution we issue malpractice form to student during test and not just only examination. The Rector and the school management brought this sudden change of the test date, because there will be a one week break after next week, so go and prepare for your test which will start next week Monday and ends the Friday of that same week. After next week you can go home, and resume the week after the break. Kindly come to my office anytime next week with your school fees receipt, to collect your school ID card. If you have any question you can as well ask, but if no question I will say good day
STUDENT 1: sir, sir.... I have a question. How many courses are we writing for each day?
HOD: you will write the test according to your time table
STUDENT 2: Sir, what about those courses that the lecturer hasn't gone far with the course outline?
HOD: Expect questions from what you have been taught and nothing more. But make sure you buy all your text books
STUDENT 1: most of the books are not in the book shop sir
HOD: then your class rep will meet the lecturer taking the course, for handout or any necessary material
STUDENT 3: We have no class rep yet, although the course adviser Mr. Fole promise to appoint one next week Monday, when we have his course
HOD: If that be the case, I will tell him to come to your class and appoint someone right away. You all should get seated and wait for him.
The HOD left and came back with the course adviser. The course adviser brought out the list that contains the names he wrote down the other day

MR. FOLE: We want to provide you someone who will serve you and speak on your behalf, I have just five names on my list. I will call them out and you will pick your choice. The names are; EDOKPOLOR JOSIAH, OFOMINYAJU MATTHEW, EWUBOR BLESSING, AYIS ELIBOY and AGHOGHOVBIA MARO....

We all came out as soon as our names were called, the HOD asked the class to raise up their hands if they are voting for the first person, about 45 students raised up their hands. It got to my turn and 87 students in the class raised up their hands, I was really surprise because they don't even know me, I don't have friends not to talk of engaging in discussion with them. At the end I was appointed as the class rep (Head Of Class) and Josiah my assistant since he is the person with the second highest vote... The HOD and Mr. Fole the course adviser left the lecture hall after a congratulatory handshake with me and my assistant Josiah. Other students also celebrated with us and honoured our new office.
Chekwube was very happy with my achievement and hugged me severally with a surprised peck as we walked to the school gate to board a bike....

-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -

The joy made me forgot about Lilian but as soon as we dropped from the bike in front of my hostel, Lilian issue arises in my mind again. I have to do something fast, I agreed with her demand which I ought not to, what if Favour finds out?
She is even the girlfriend to the guy who is after my life, what will Rukky do if she get to know?
I must try to settle all this before Rukky resume in full, thank God she is travelling tomorrow Saturday. I have to solve this problem so it won't affect my test next week, and the relationship am about building with Rukky. I have to create a conducive time to call Lilian and meet up with her demand...

Chekwube went straight to the kitchen to prepare oil rice for us to eat. Rukky will be coming with a well cooked friend rice and chicken, but we just have to take something before she comes. I enjoy eating oil rice but Rukky hates it. She always call it concoction meal meant for the poor, but that is for her. I'm neither rich nor poor so I eat everything that is edible...