Wednesday, 7 December 2016



Rukky wasn't happy seeing me and chekwube eating the oil rice, when she entered the house. She didn't revealed it actually, but her mood tells me exactly how annoyed she was;
RUKKY: You won't eat from this food I brought, I believe you are satisfy with that palm oil rice (clearing her throat)
ME: its just 4:28pm, so I must surely eat again before I sleep. Don't you want me to get fat?
RUKKY: fat ni?... chekwube how are you? Sorry for not greeting you on time
CHEKWUBE: I should be the one saying that, pardon my manners its because of the food am eating... Welcome!
RUKKY: Funny scientist, are you passing the night here?
CHEKWUBE: I don't think so, we have test next week and my books are not here
RUKKY: okay, i'm travelling tomorrow and I want you to take good care of my baby boo for me until I return
ME: I be small Pikin? I nor know my age? Na small chekwube go con dey look me like a new born baby *smiling*
RUKKY: Don't see it like that baby boo, you need someone to be around you (chekwube was just laughing as if she is watching a comedy film)
ME: I hear you my baby mama. chekwube you don hear her oo, if you like run leave me
RUKKY: chekwube please pack all your books down tomorrow and stay with him during your test week
CHEKWUBE: no problem, trust me on that. I'll do as you say and even more. I have to leave now

We saw her off to the gate, where she entered a tricycle (keke napep). Rukky was behaving strange as soon as chekwube left, and dragged me into the hostel promising to give me a surprise package... I was eager to get the surprise package and rushed in with her. As soon as we entered the house, she pushed me to the bed and jump on me like a falling tree. I was shocked because I never expected such from her
ME: Dear, what are you trying to do?
RUKKY: Baby boo, I'm prepared for this (pulling my trouser, after removing my shirt and singlet)
ME: Dear stop this, have you forgotten that you are pregnant...
RUKKY: That is why I need it, pregnant women need sEx  on a daily basis to enlarge their cervix, for safe delivery
ME: No dear, I'm a changed perssssss..... (She closed my mouth and brought out my curve7)

I couldn't hold it anymore because she has tempted my joystick, which always responds to such urgent calls. She planted her lips on mine and gave me a superb wet kiss, her saliva was so tasty that I felt the sugary taste on it.
I pulled off her sexy long gown, removed her brassiere and placed my mouth on her groundnut-like ni.pple, I sucked it as if am licking a mango, I remember the first time I gain access to her watermelon boobs they were like lollipop but this time the taste really changed. She moaned severally as I changed the ni.pples sequentially. I went further by pressing the bosoms together, this time she couldn't withstand the pleasure as she pulled off her pant herself. I creatively bent her knees to suit doggy style (which is my best style when it comes to bukele), and insert my tomtomic curve7 in.
She couldn't bear the impact as her juicy pussy boast the acceleration of my curve7 in and out, she started speaking her normal dialect * akpo miemie, biko memera* (life is very sweet, please give me gently/softly)...
I was really feeling the show because it has been long I butcher shawama, I repositioned her for missionary style and added more effort to the in and out movement of my joystick, as at this time my phone started ringing but I ignored the calls. Her shawama juice started reducing and getting worn out, this makes her screamed more and more. I decided to stop in order not to hurt her and caused damage to her shawama but she drew me back and this time sat on my joystick...
She fucked the hell out of me like a professional commercial sex worker, giving a very loud sound track *hucccccccchh!!! Baby boo hatchhhhhh! come on! Hucccccchh* I knelt down on the ground and placed her at the edge of the bed, raising her two legs, I first of all locate her with my left middle finger and move the finger to 1.4cm in her pussycat shawama where her clitoris is, she felt it as she moaned like never before (she became wet again) before I introducing my curve7 in, I gave her gently as she screamed *my womb oo* I felt pity for her as i finally c-u-m. I was totally down after everything, what a 'blow job' I lamented as I slept on the cold carpet. Rukky stood up but couldn't move an itch, she is feeling pains in her waist region and fell back on the bed.

-    -    -    -    -   -    -    -    -    -

  I guess she really enjoyed it, but I have broken my promise not to sleep with any girl until I get married.... Am I really a changed person?
Will I even marry her at the end?
Well only time shall tell...