Wednesday, 7 December 2016



After an hour, I stood up and went outside to put on the generator. The fuel inside wasn't that much, but it will definitely serve us up to 3hours, I went in as soon as the engine is on and locked the door.
 Rukky was really down, if she were to be a cell phone I guess her battery bar must have drained to 1%, as I shouted her name trice before she manage to stand up from the bed, I supported her to the bathroom where we took our bath together, and served the fried rice and chicken she came with. I enjoyed the delicious meal, and ate everything after Rukky got tired of eating. I drank a mixture of peak milk and Malta Guinness in other to regain enough strength, and joined Rukky with the hollandia yoghurt, she brought out from the fridge;
RUKKY: Baby boo, I'll miss you
ME: me too dear
RUKKY: are you sure? Promise me you won't see any other girl
ME: I promise, I've crossed my heart *not certain*
RUKKY: I love you and will always do, I'm really lucky to have a faithful boo like you
ME: Don't mention dear, I've already built my world around you
RUKKY: Thanks sweetest sweet. You are my boo for life
ME: you are welcome, what about your pregnancy test result?
RUKKY: I have it here (opening her bag to get it, she gave a small brown envelop to me)
ME: I can't wait to welcome our baby boy into this world (placing the result into the envelop after confirming it to be true)
RUKKY: I don't want a boy, I prefer a girl
ME: No, you must give me a boy
RUKKY: Girl!!!
ME: No, a boy is what I want
RUKKY: I know what I am carrying already
ME: I know what I deposited inside you

It ends up resulting to a playful argument, as we threw pillows on each other, shouting at the top of our Voice. We couldn't sleep that night, and started watching movies until the generator went off around 1:26am. Rukky switched on the rechargeable light and suggest we tell stories, I buy the idea and we started telling stories in turn before she finally fell asleep around 3:44am. Immediately she slept off, i remembered someone called my line while I was busy enjoying myself with rukky, working hard on her shawama. I searched for the phone but couldn't found it, i finally saw it under the bed. Its obvious that it must have gotten there, because of our rascal intercourse.
I unlocked it and saw 7 missed calls, 5 from Favour, 1 from Jerry and the last one from an unknown caller. I recalled vividly that Lilian number ends with 14, I brought out the piece of paper she gave to me, just to confirm the number and behold it was hers (07062446414). I was surprised to know she has my number already, but its late and I can't call her back, more also Rukky might get mad at me if she gets to know that I'm talking to a girl at that hour.
Nature can't be cheated as my eyes started closing even though I tried to make it opened, I decided to call Lilian the next day, after Rukky must have left for warri, so I won't fall into trouble with her.
I got hold of Rukky's waist and slept off.

-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -


It wasn't up to 7 O'clock when Rukky woke me up, I never wanted to leave the bed because my eyes were dimmed, filled with sleep;
RUKKY: please wake up dear, I have to start going
ME: hmmmmmm! (stretching on the bed)
RUKKY: Baby stop na, I planned to follow the first bus and i'm late already
ME: Did you just say late?
RUKKY: yes dear, please come and see me off to the park

I rush out of the bed and went inside the bathroom to brush my teeth, and put on my clothes without bathing. I combed my hair and apply powder on my face, and off we went.
Getting to the park the first bus was still there, as they were waiting for the last passenger. I bought the ticket for her and gave her some money to hold hand with. She dragged me somewhere in the park and started kissing me, I felt the kiss emotionally and hold her firm by pressing her a_s_s towards myself. She was really hot and I knew I will miss her alot, I couldn't let go until those loading the vehicle started shouting

'"Last passenger with A ticket to warri, you are needed now"'

I pleaded for her, to go and join the bus while I arranged my curve7 which was standing at 'ATTENTION'. Even though deep inside me I want more of her, I just have to let go. She went to the bus and sat at the extreme end of the back seat, I bade her farewell as the bus zoom off my sight

-    -    -    -     -     -     -     -

It really pains me that my girl is gone but we will definitely see each other soon. While in the park, I brought out my phone and dialled Lillian number but it was switched off, I called Jerry and it went through. We talked for almost 7mins before ending our conversation.
I got home, took my bath and was about calling chekwube when someone started knocking my door, I went to the door to check who it was and met chekwube smiling at me holding two small bags, one containing her books and the other her clothes...
I ushered her in and locked the door;
CHEKWUBE: I called Rukky and she told me she is on her way home, so I decided to come and keep you busy
ME: you must be a good girl for keeping to your words
CHEKWUBE: Why are we friends?
ME: I believe your mara Jhoor... We have to start reading oo
CHEKWUBE: I've started reading already, I read the two courses we are having on Monday, last night. Didn't you read them too?
ME: I wanted to read them oo but but.... (couldn't complete the statement)
CHEKWUBE: But you were busy with Rukky shey?
ME: Something like that
CHEKWUBE: Enjoyment boy...

Chekwube dropped her bags and ask me to follow her to the market to get what she will use to cook okra soup, I accompanied her there where we bought stocked fish, meat, okra, vegetables and some other ingredients, before going back home.
As soon as we got home she prepared the soup and we ate together. I called Rukky who told me that she has gotten home, but met her dad absent. She pleaded that I talked to her mum on phone but I insisted, since I didn't prepared for such. But promised to do that some other time.

-    -     -       -        -       -       -

Myself and chekwube engaged in thorough reading, as we study like never before. We brushed up the courses we are having on Monday and Tuesday and threw questions on each other, we went further to lecture each other and finally decided to rest after much studying...