Wednesday, 7 December 2016



 I was still elucidating when Lilian started calling, I picked up immediately;
LILIAN: Where are you now?
ME: I've left my hostel
LILIAN: To where?
ME: A safe place (trying to hide my location)
LILIAN: Okay, well don't try to go back until next week.
ME: Ok, thanks for saving my life. I owe you one
LILIAN: You are welcome, but don't forget to fulfil your part of the deal
ME: Hmmmmm! I'll try
LILIAN: See you soon... I'll call you later

 Chekwube was just looking at me as I hanged up the call...

The whole issue was so complicated that I don't even know where to start from. How i wish there is someone to confide on, the more I think of a possible solution the less answer I got...
Jerry might be of help, at this junction. I tried to reach him but his number wasn't connecting, I came to realise that only God can help me out. I engaged myself in prayers and decided to fast for that day, but Chekwube couldn't let me be. She was just looking at me continuously at the same time shaking her head in disbelief;
CHEKWUBE: Eli calm down, I know what you are passing through right now. All you have to do is to relax your nerves and have a proper rethink
ME: Eh!
CHEKWUBE: I promise to support and be with you till the end, and make sure that girl is put behind bars
ME: Maybe you don't know the kind of backup she has
CHEKWUBE: Whatever backup she thinks she have, illegality cannot be converted to legality. Hopefully by Monday next week, we will go to your hostel to see the damage they must have done in your apartment, and file a report in the police station
ME: Police might be your friends but as for me, they are not my friends. There are other ways out
CHEKWUBE: What if you report the culprit to the school security department?
ME: No way
CHEKWUBE: What do you have in mind now?
ME: None for now, but will come up with something later (feeling disturbed as I bow my head supporting it with my palm).
Around 7:24pm I was still not myself, Chekwube feeling pity on me, walked towards me and started robbing my back, trying to render me comfort. She went further by combing my swagger hair style (galas) which was rough with her comb, at this point I became relaxed, as i rest on her smooth soft laps...

-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -

She started caressing all over my body and gave me a direct kiss, I was shocked because I never expected a direct kiss from her. I became observant, monitory the way she seductively romance my body, it got to a point i reacted and started touching her hair. She was so in hurry that she started licking my ears, as if her tongue is a cotton pod, I felt it all over my body and reacted aggressively. I off load her wears until she is unclad, without wasting time I engaged her in a classic sexual show. She is very tight as it took me time, to penetrate her shawama, she screamed so loud as I manage to get my curve7 in. Its unlike other girls, I felt the walls of her shawama as my d.ick hit all corners of her, she started crying like a baby begging me to stop. I couldn't end it just like that especially when I haven't done doggy style, I tried to reposition her but she didn't comply, she was really in pains. I decided to maintain the initial style until I finally c_u_m, I felt something was leaving my body at that moment....

-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -

I regain myself after Chekwube hits me several times to wake up and read with her, or sleep well if I don't want to study, instead of rolling and talking to myself. It was then I found out it was just a dream.
My boxers was soaked with s.perm, I have to rush straight to the bathroom and bath thoroughly. Its been long I dreamt of having sex (wet dream).. See me see Fuckup ooo

Hope I won't end up sleeping with Chekwube someday?