Wednesday, 7 December 2016



That very night was different from other night. I tried to read but couldn’t capture any line of the textbook, I was just looking at the book with my mind focusing on somewhere else. I slept off leaving Chekwube reading alone…
– – – – – – – –

The next day, I woke up with the mind of attending first service. After saying my morning prayers, I brushed my teeth, do some little exercise, took my bath, dressed up and approached Chekwube to apologised for my manners the previous day, and also what I made her go through.
Its just as if I woke up with another mentality, as I ferment all that happened the precious day;
ME: Good morning Besty!, I know I made you pass through stress yesterday. Sending you back to your house, when you are supposed to be with me in my own house
CHEKWUBE: Its nothing dear, I’m your friend and must partake in some phase of your life.
ME: But not in the time of trouble, you deserved something better
CHEKWUBE: I disagree with you, we are supposed to be together whether good times or bad times
ME: True talk, you will forever remain my besty. I’m about going to church, hope you don’t mind joining me?
CHEKWUBE: I would have loved to but I haven’t taking my bath
ME: There is still time for you to do that, its just 6:45am and service starts 7:00am
CHEKWUBE: That means I have to hurry up, will be out soon (entering the bathroom in haste)

Waiting for Chekwube was like waiting for a page to load on opera mini, when there is no network coverage.
I decided to put on my data, so I can browse and surf the net while waiting for her, l wasn’t able to reply all the messages on whatsapp and Facebook when Lilian started calling;
LILIAN: Happy Sunday black handsome
ME: Same here, how was your night?
LILIAN: Fine and yours?
ME: Fine too, but I couldn’t sleep as I use to because of… ( she quickly intrude)
LILIAN: You better try and sleep well. Don’t let Batam a.k.a “one bullet” give you sleepless night, I’m there to help you get raid of him. Can we see today?
ME: If you want us to see, I will make myself available
LILIAN: Good boy, I taught you will turn me down
ME: Why should I turn you down when you saved my life. At least there must be an atom of appreciation in me
LILIAN: You must be a sharp guy, and i’m liking you more and more. I’ll send you the address of where we will meet today by noon
ME: No problem, later then.

She hanged up the call and I continued with my chatting, I saw 8 unread messages from my baby mama. She is really missing me according to all her messages, I dropped some messages since she was offline at that moment, and also promised to call her after service…
Only God knows what has been keeping Chekwube inside the bathroom, for about 40mins. She finally came out, and started changing her undies in my present. She wore her pant with towers on, loosed the towel from her chest and tried to wear her bra with her swigging to and fro like a pendulum bob, trying to gain freedom from the bra she was wearing. I never wanted to look but as a bad warri boy, I decided to use conner eye to confirm if its the same with what I saw in my dream…
What a temptation, she suppose to change her under wears in the bathroom before coming out. Imagine the sin my eyes has landed me this fateful Sunday, I excused myself from her presence and went outside to wait for her. . .
After some time, she came out fully prepared. We both went to the road side to get a bike.
– – – – – – – –

The service went well, and Chekwube really surprised me with the way she praised God, singing with her pure voice and speaking in tongues like a prophet. She must be a Godfearing girl I concluded, having the mindset to protect her as my best friend….
Immediately the pastor declared the service closed, I told Chekwube that I won’t be going home with her, that I want to meet up with Lillian who have something important to tell me. Chekwube was not pleased with the information and tried to prevent me from going, telling me that Lilian is evil but I made her to understand that nothing bad will happen, emphasising on the fact that she saved me from those hoodlums which makes her a friend to trust.
Chekwube was not still satisfied with what I said, she pleaded to go with me but I stopped all her effort and stopped a bike which took her home.
As soon as Chekwube left, I dialed Lillian’s number to inform her I’m coming;
LILLIAN: Handsome, have you closed from church?
ME: Yes, you haven’t sent the address yet
LILLIAN: I’ll peep your phone with it right away
ME: waiting…

It wasn’t up to 3mins when a message arrived my phone from Lillian;
” No 7 Alaka close off Opute hall, I’m there waiting for you”.

I closed the message and took a bike to the address she gave, while I was on the bike, I strategies on how to enter her and collect all the necessary information needed to nail Favour and her so called twin brother Batam or what is he called ‘one bullet’.
I have only today to put things in place…