Wednesday, 7 December 2016



Lilian seems to be desperate as she rest on a Rang Rover car packed in front of the building where she asked me to meet her, she gave me a glamour smile as she walked towards me, holding my hands which was in my pocket. She knew I wanted to bring out money to pay the bike man.
She brought out two hundred naira note from her purse and gave it to the bike man telling him to go, leaving me amazed.
She asked me to follow her in, after locking the car she was resting on with the keys.
I started sneezing because of the harsh perfume she wore that follows her and even stink to my body, its not an ordinary perfume. She must be from a wealthy home, I never expected her to have a car either.
The building was no way an hostel, it contained about five 2bedroom flats which is meant for families and not students. She opened one of the apartment and ushered me in, I wanted to sit on one of the chairs in the sitting room, but she pulled me to herself leading me to one of the rooms in the apartment. She locked the door immediately we entered, and asked me to join her on the bed, I did as she said and told her I have some questions to ask her. She gave me the go ahead;
ME: Are you sure your man and his boys went to my hostel?
LILLIAN: It seems you don’t believe me, maybe when you get to school tomorow you will be updated with the latest news in town
ME: Latest news, that boys went to my hostel to look for me?
LILLIAN: Not only to look for you, but also shot the security man (I felt a cold breeze all over my body after hearing what she just said)
ME: You mean Adamu?
LILIAN: I don’t know his name but that was what Batam told me, he said the man tried to prevent them from going inside the hostel after they even showed him gun. They have no other option than to shoot him
ME: Why must he do such a thing, he will pay for it
LILIAN: Shut up your mouth, maybe you don’t know Batam. They call him “one bullet” because he always pull the trigger whenever he is on a mission, you should be thanking God that you escaped
ME: What should we do now?
LILIAN: I tried to convinced him to leave the job for me let me handle it my own way, since Favour is my friend I will get her back, her man. I told you he always listen to me so he has agreed, I will also talk to Favour later about it.
ME: But I can’t date her, how do you plan to help her?
LILIAN: Leave that for me, just grease my pu.ssy… I need you now (placing her thin laps on my body and started massaging my legs)
ME: Can’t I pay you with something else?
LILLIAN: I’ve told you my price, since the very first day we met, so don’t act like a foolish man trying to be ignorant.
ME: Fine, but it should be only this once oo…
LILIAN: Agreed, I won’t ask for it again, I will even convinced Batam to leave town tomorrow, so you can write your test freely. As I’m talking to you, the police is looking for them and he is in his hideout… (Coming more closer to me, this time reaching for my curve7)
ME: Thanks, but please we won’t do this again as you promise oo (giving her the opportunity to caress me)
LILLIAN: Yes we won’t. (pulling my clothes after pulling hers)

The next minute I was on top of her, after she offered me a latex condom. We were into the process when she started shouting *oohh handsome you are really good, suck here* I was so annoyed as she tried to push my mouth into her shawama. That is the last thing I will do when it comes to s_e_x, imagine how irritating it is to lick a girl’s shawama.
I withdrew my head but she kept on begging me to lick her shawama, that she will pay me for it, I kept on resisting until she push my mouth into it (it taste like a rotten orange with an offensive smell) I have to rush into the bathroom to spit out the rubbish thick substances. She followed me into the bathroom and grab me on my lower abdomen.
We were till in the process firing as she moaned softly, when someone started knocking the door.
She left me all of a sudden, rushed back to the room and wore her pant. Its just as if she isn’t expecting anyone. I left the bathroom to the room, after flushing the condom and put on my clothes. Lilian was really confused on what to do next as the person kept on knocking.
It was just as if the person wants to pull down the door…