Wednesday, 7 December 2016



Lillian arranged herself and wear some makeup, she wasn't that bright as she walked to the sitting room to spy who was there.
She wanted the match to be a full time game and not just a 45mins half time game. She came back and sat on the bed;
ME: Who is at the door?
LILLIAN: It's Batam, I taught he will be in his hideout. I don't know what the hell he came here to do
ME: Are you not going to open the door for him?
LILLIAN: I will open, but I don't want him to see you here otherwise you will be a gunner
ME: *my heart started beating faster with increase in temperature above 37 degree Celsius*  How can I go out now?
LILLIAN: There is no other way out, you have to hide under the bed until he is out, before you can go
ME: If its for me to hide under the bed i will do it, as far you are sure I won't get caught
LILLIAN: You won't be caught
ME: okay (going under the bed while Lilian was dressing the bed spread)

Lilian left the room for the sitting room to open the door, I started hearing voices which were coming closer to the room where I was. All of a sudden Batam came into the room shouting at Lilian, who followed him like bumper to bumper;
LILLIAN: I told you I was wearing my make-ups and I don't even know you were the one knocking the door
BATAM: You are lucky I didn't found any guy in here, other wise that person would have been a dead meat.
LILLIAN: So you don't trust me anymore?
BATAM:This is the first time you are keeping me outside for long so I have to get suspicious baby
LILLIAN: you know what, I think i'm fed up of this your altitude and am calling it a quit
BATAM: It hasn't gotten to that baby, you know I love you so much and I can do anything just to be with you forever. I'm sorry for not believing you
LILLIAN: *styling* Are you sure you can do anything for me?
BATAM: You already know the answer to that
LILLIAN: Baby you know I love you and I can't afford to loose you. Why don't you travel to Benin since we are on holiday and resume with the other ND2 student? I don't want the police to get hold of you
BATAM: You know they can't get me na, I am the king of the jungle a.k.a 'one bullet' , if kporkpo nor like their life then I go let them know say my gun is the loudest town crier. "E good make Watin u know, know u" baby u suppose know Watin dem take bath me na.... (Moving up and down like a real jaguda)
LILLIAN: I know but please just calm down, and secondly leave that church rat for me
BATAM: You mean the guy when scatter my own personal blood sister Congo meat?
LILLIAN: Yes, I have good plans for him
BATAM: I don already hand over the bastard to you, but e dey still dey pain me say I nor catch dat lizard, I for so much kick his a_s_s then crutch his d.i.c.k
LILLIAN: What is your plan as at present? (My phone started ringing under the bed)
BATAM: I'm going back to our camp to tell my boys about my departure. Aren't you going to pick your call? (My phone was still ringing under the bed)
LILLIAN: *acting weird* ohhhh! Its my mother but I don't know where the phone is presently
BATAM: I think it's under the bed, that is where the sound is coming from (immediately I heard "under the bed" I started shivering, and ended the call myself by switching off the phone)
LILLIAN: No, its in my bag and I don't want to pick it (pulling Batam back who was trying to bend down and search for the phone under the bed).

I almost piss on my body, what would have happened if he end up seeing me under the bed?
He gave Lilian a kiss and left the house promising to be back later in the evening. Lilian came back to the room and ask me to come out, she pleaded we continue the second half of the derby match but I made her understand that she have to keep to her words. She pretended to be a keeper of her words as she smiled at me and manage to alter something reasonable;
LILLIAN: I promise to make you find peace in this school, so have no fear. Go and prepare for your test but please always watch your back since i'm not giving you 100% assurance, that his boys won't be at a watch of the present situation...
ME: I've heard you, may God richly bless you for me
LILLIAN: *smiling* should I drop you off?
ME: There wont be need for that (would have love to ride with her on that clean Rang Rover but I don't want her to know Chekwube's house)
LILLIAN: If you say so, but please don't reject this from me. You are so sweet and I won't mind spending all my parents cash on you (offering me an envelope with good content inside)
ME: Thanks (collecting it from her, as we both walk out)
I wanted to asked her who are parents are, but that won't be necessary because I don't have anything to do with her. I happen to be in her house because of the help she rendered and I have given her what she wanted in return.
I opened the envelop and was shocked with what I saw, why must she give me #20,000. I didn't ask for money from her, or is she using it to win my heart??