Wednesday, 7 December 2016



Immediately I got home, Chekwube has already prepared something for me to eat. The food was on the table and I just have to down it, since I haven't eaten since morning and its evening already. I told her thank you, wash my hands, say a very short prayer and started eating. She did not even allow me to finish with the delicious meal before throwing questions on me;
CHEKWUBE: How was your discussion with miss Lilian?
ME: It went well
CHEKWUBE: Is that why you didn't take Rukky's call?
ME: Did she call you, I mean what did you tell her? (Dropping the eba which was on my hand, back on the bowl)
CHEKWUBE: She called me, complaining that you promised to call her after service, but you didn't call her. She latered called you but you did not take her calls, and end up switching off your phone
ME: Did you tell her where I went to?
CHEKWUBE: Yes, I told her you went out to get a textbook from your house
ME: Eh! Chekwube, so she knows we are not in my house?
CHEKWUBE: Yes, I told her we came to my own place because my house is more closer to school
ME: Well I think I have to call Rukky and explain things myself.

I knew I've made a very big mistake for not calling her earlier on, but I can still buy her attention with some truthful lies, I dialled her number which was among the recent call list;
ME: Hello my baby mama, my angel, my sunshine, my world, my heartbeat, my cutie pie, my dearest one and most gorgeous, how are you doing?
RUKKY: Don't think calling me those names will make me change my mind, I won't.
ME: Its obvious you are not happy with me. What sin have I committed?
RUKKY: Why didn't you call me as promised?
ME: I'm sorry dear, didn't do it intentionally
RUKKY: And you want me to believe that?
ME: You know I cant lie to you na
RUKKY: You are really changing, if not for Chekwube who told me where you went to. I would have concluded that, you were with a girl
ME: No na, what would I be doing with another girl when I have a pretty damsel like you?
RUKKY: *blushing* hmmm!, you are teasing me eh?
ME: Not only teasing you but I feel like licking you just the way I love licking chocolate. Shey you know you are my chocomilo?
RUKKY: I know, am really missing you. Do you know what?
ME: What?
RUKKY: My dad did his Thanksgiving today and up till now the party is still going on. It pains me that you are not here with me
ME: Don't worry sweetie, we will soon be with each other never to be separated..
RUKKY: I can't wait oo, your baby is kicking now, I can feel it (putting me in tension)
ME: We haven't even made a concrete plan about the baby
RUKKY: I got a good plan dear, I will disclose it to you when we see.  got to go now, love you Bye.....
ME: Bye...

The baby issue is really an undecided one presently because her parents are not even aware. Hope her dad will accept this baby?
As soon as I finished talking with Rukky, I called Lilian to let her know I've gotten home and thank her immensely for the money she gave to me, she was really happy to take my call and offered to be of help at anytime. She sound so inviting but I can't make such mistake by going out with her, I have to delete her from my mind entirely...

-    -    -    -    -    -  -    -


Just like every other Monday morning, myself and Chekwube prepared for lecture after taking tea and some slice of bread. The day went just as Lilian has promised, I didn't encounter any attack in school.
We wrote our test for the day, I took charge of ranging the script after which I carried them to the lecturers office *HOC job sweet sha* people who wrote outside the class were begging me to collect their script, promising to settle me later.
Chekwube have to wait for me in the class until I returned. I came back and saw Chekwube and my assistant Josiah standing close, they were smiling at each other.... This is the first time i'm seeing both of them talking to each other. Without been told i knew something is going on between them since they seems to be more relaxed as they converse;
ME: Wazzup? (Referring to Josiah)
JOSIAH: Great sir, I wanted to see you so we can talk about how to discharge our duties as the HOC's
ME: You are right but it wont be today because i have a pressing issue to attend to
JOSIAH: okay sir, you know you are my boss now oo, please don't forget me
ME: I won't forget you, you can call me later in the evening (I gave him my number)
JOSIAH: Thanks
ME: Sorry we have to go now
JOSIAH: No problem, okay chekwube i'll see you tomorrow
CHEKWUBE: OK, bye ( that guy must be toasting this girl, well she is not my girlfriend sha, but I won't let any guy use her without any true love attached)

We decided to go to my hostel and see things for ourselves, only to get there and found two mobile police van (Hilux) parked outside. There is no way we can turn back since some of the police men were outside and have already sighted us.
We have no other option than to go in and face anything imposed on us be it questions, interrogation or arrest....