Wednesday, 7 December 2016



We were about entering my hostel when a police man stopped us at the gate;
POLICE: Who are you and where do you think you are going to?
ME: I'm an occupant here, I live at room 7 to be precise
POLICE: Meaning you are the main suspect we have been looking for all this while
ME: Me a suspect?
POLICE: You better remain silent for anything you say will be used against you in the court of law
ME: Sir, sorry to cut you short but I know my right. You can't see me as a main suspect when there is no offense set before me not to talk of having proof, I'm just coming home and haven't gotten to my apartment when you stopped me halfway. Can i know what is going on?
POLICE: When we get to the station you will know, sergeant Patore come and take this criminal (The foolish sergeant brought out his handcuff and keyed it on my wrist, as if they caught me stealing red handedly.  the tin dey pain sha)
CHEKWUBE: But he didn't do anything, what offence has he committed that will make you treat him like a criminal? (Mumu Patore still dey drag me inside the van)
POLICE: You better contact his family to come over, this is not just a criminal case but also a murder case

Right inside the van, I can see all the boys in the hostel as they were been ushered out of their respective room. The next minute the both van was filled with the hostel guys, they didn't take any girl with us. It was just as if girls can't be into crime, I was still happy because they didn't take Chekwube with me. She was restless trying to negotiate with some police officers who never gave her listening ears....

-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -  

The next thing I knew, we were all offloaded in their station. This is the first time i'm entering a police station, i was really angry because i don't see any reason why i should be arrested, more also there is no real allegation.
I thought we will be placed on counter and been interrogated one after the other since we didn't commit any crime but unknowingly to me, that same Sergeant Patore dragged some of my hostelers to different cells. He later came to me and asked me to follow him. I tried to resist by asking him what is going on, but he kept on forcing me calling me a stubborn criminal, I retaliated and he gave me a very painful hit with his short stick (Baton). I felt the pain and really wanted to have a fight with him but because of his uniform I can't do anything, this is someone I can beat with my bare physical hand even when blindfolded....
I followed him with anger as he placed me on cell5, locked it and left.
I was just standing at the entrance speechless, as the fierce prisoners stared at me with heavy eyes, two of them stood up in hurry and I returned their gaze;
PRISONER 1: You nor get manners eh? We don turn your mate shey (I looked at them with anger)
PRISONER 2: Nor be you them dey talk to? (Walking closer to me)
ME: *forcefully* I greet the house (saying it with an odd tune)
PRISONER 2: Chaimo this guy nor loyal oo (I saw a very lanky guy at the extreme end been fanned by 3 boys)
CHAIRMO: You know what to do na, abi I go tell una first?
 PRISONER 2: Sabi boy, pull off your nicker and boxer fast, na Chairmo get dem now
ME: I can't do that, why should I take off my wears? (before I could correct myself am already on the ground)

They gave me the greatest beating of my life and pull off my short and my boxer, I was naked and asked to pay for a new boxer or remain like that till they will come and bail me. I couldn't stand it, seeing my curve7 swinging to and fro like a jagoliver. I gave them the 500 naira I was having with me in the cell, before they manage to give me a dirty boxer with an offensive smell, stained with faeces.
I was ask to ride okada by the Chairmo, until another person comes into the cell before I could be freed;
CHAIRMO: Watin bring you come here?
ME: I don't even know oo, it's like armed robbers went to my hostel and the police came to arrest everyone
CHAIRMO: You sure? Because police nor go fit just dey arrest like dat na, maybe they get information say na one of una, na do am
ME: That was what happened oo (talking with shaking voice as my legs were about cracking)
CHAIRMO: Come sit down, I just won pity you oo... I like your tin so this night you go arrange me well (I pretended as if I didn't hear him, so this guy na gay? Strong homo!!!  I started praying in my mind by covering my a_s_s with the blood of Jesus)

The cell was getting dark and I guess the time could be around 7:00pm to 8:00pm. My fear now is not about sleeping in the cell but its about the Chairmo who will burst my yarch at night... I was really restless as I sat on the dirty floor, thinking about my life and what will come out of this case. I concluded that I will file a case against the police for an unlawful arrest if I end up passing the night in this untidied cell. I was still elucidating when I heard a female officer calling my name
POLICE: Who is Ayis Eliboy?
ME: *I stood up* I'm here oo, in cell5

The police woman came and ask me to come out after opening the cell gate, my prayer was that they shouldn't bring me back because of that homosexual. Although I've covered my yarch with the blood of Jesus but that guy won't mind, since his face looks horror like Satan the devil.
Immediately I came out to the counter, I saw two people I never taught of seeing together...