Wednesday, 7 December 2016



Happiness was an understatement as soon as I saw Chekwube, she was smiling at me holding my phone with her left hand.
I guess I forgot my phone with her and she have to take Lilian's call and reveal what happened to her;
SERGEANT PATORE: Is it this stubborn guy you people came to bail?
LILLIAN: Yes sir
SERGEANT PATORE: If not that your mother,  Barrister Pamela spoke with the DPO, I wouldn't have released this guy because he is a great suspect. We were told he is the only one who did not sleep in the hostel when the armed men came, they didn't only rape some of the girls in the hostel but they end up shooting the security man, who gave up the ghost this morning at general hospital
LILLIAN: Thank you sir
SERGEANT PATORE: It's not just about thanking me oo, you know what to do na. At least something to buy drink (I feel like slapping the useless man, when he was saying it)
LILLIAN: Ohhhh, That one won't be a problem
SERGEANT PATORE: Don't forget to bring him to the station whenever he is been called on. The case is still under investigation and our men are out there trying to get the best possible evidence they can
LILLIAN: No problem sir, He will come.

Lillian reach for her purse and gave him #2000. The Sergeant was happy and started hailing Lillian *all correct ma* as we left the station to Lillian's Rang Rover parked outside.

-    -    -    -    -    -    -

It was already late so Lillian pleaded we follow her to her house and leave as early as we can, the next day. I asked her if Batam is there but she said Batam travelled to Benin that morning. Lillian took us to her house, and Myself and Chekwube have to read the courses we have the next day on Google, since we have no textbook or notebook with us.
I don't know when I voice out *Thank God I didn't pass the night in that dirty place, imagine me under that gay Chairmo*, Chekwube who was focusing on her blackberry bold 5 paused with mouth opened as she stared at me;
ME: Lillian I must confess you really saved me, Thanks for everything. I promise to pay you every single pin you spent in the station
LILLIAN: You should be thanking your friend Chekwube, she told me how they apprehended you and I have to call my mum, who called the DPO to grant you bail
ME: You mean you didn't pay anything?
LILLIAN: Not at all, my mum did the whole work
ME: How was she able to do that?
LILLIAN: She is a prominent lawyer with good reputation, she is the personal lawyer to the minister of Education
ME: Then what are you doing here in a polytechnic?
LILLIAN: I'm a graduate from Madonna University where I studied Business administration, my mum wanted to fly me abroad to meet my dad and start up a business there, but I insisted that I want to deal on computer here in Nigeria. She decided I go for any computer course, on my way to a cafe where I wanted to purchase a jamb form to any of the federal University. I met Batam who encouraged me to come to Ozoro poly to study computer science, we started the race together and presently we are in ND2
ME: Interesting, I really must thank you again because if not for you I would have been dead either in the hands of Batam or those dangerous prisoners (Chekwube was just shaking her head in pity, at the same time pretending she isn't listening).

Lillian left the room we were all in discussing, after whispering in my ears to meet her in the second room later... Myself and Chekwube as usual adopt our normal reading system by blasting each other with questions in respect to what we have read, before she retired to sleep.
I left her alone in the room and went to the other room to meet Lilian, I wanted to knock before going in but the door wasn't locked as a simple touch push it wide open. I entered only to see her playing temple run with her iPhone 6, she requested I join her in the bed so we can chat for a while;
LILLIAN: Hope you don't mind if I reveal something I've been hiding from you?
ME: *with the urge to know* I don't mind
LILLIAN: That very day you touched me, I felt something I haven't felt for any other guy in my life. I kept on contemplating and realised it's a bond of true love, please I know you feel same for me. Let's fight for our love (see me see spiritual oo, I don't even have a drop of like for her and she said she knows I love her)
ME: Lillian, you have been a very nice friend to me by helping me to overcome the mess I'm in but for the aspect of love, it can't happen because I have a girlfriend who is already carrying my child. I'm telling you this because I appreciate your care and support, nothing can work between you and me. I'm sorry
LILLIAN: Then why is Favour fighting after you when you have a girlfriend
ME: That I can't tell, although I met the both of them the same time but favour was just a friend
LILLIAN: Just a friend and you slept with her? Well the truth is that what I feel for you is genuine and I won't give up. Secondly no body can even block my way, just have a rethink and let me know when you are ready (she gave me a peck and slept on the bed)

I stood up, stared at her for some time and left the room to join chekwube in the other room.

-    -    -    -    -   -    -    -

The next day we left Lillian's apartment as early as possible to Chekwube's place where we took our bath, did some other things and left for school to write our test. The test went well and I believe we both did greatly, I called my assistant class rep in person of Josiah, have a quick talk with him, I also gave him some minutes to discuss with Chekwube before we went home...
Getting home, I decided to have a lengthy talk with my sweetest sweet, she was happy I called and we gisted until we got tired of talking, we talked about everything including how I became the class rep and our on going test but I never told her about the trouble I encountered....