Wednesday, 7 December 2016




After the call I had with  Rukky (my baby mama a.k.a sweetest sweet), I slowly went straight to the bed to have a nap while chekwube was busy reading her books.

-    -    -    -

Later on that day around 7:05pm, Chekwube woke me up from my snoring mood, I was surprised to see the dark sky through the windom which got me shocked. My plan was to take a nap (short rest) but end up sleeping for almost 3 hours.
I was still feeling sleepy but have to overcome It, I went to the bathroom washed my face and was about going back to join Chekwube when my tommy started running with a loud beat, as if it was singing Osinachi . I decided to drop little kaka (faeces which is locally called s.h.i.t), It was a nice one lol, as tears roll off my eyes after each successful release accompanied with garlic like farts.
I finally came out from the white house (toilet). Chekwube was holding her nose as if the odour of my kaka wanted to suffocate her.
Myself and her had a good chat and told each other stories we've skipped for a while because of our recent ordeal in the past few days.
After our discussion Chekwube went to the bathroom to take her bath, it was just as if my ringing phone drove her away. I was wondering who was on the line, since the contact was unknown, I hardly take calls from an unknown caller but something moved me to take this particular one. When I picked my phone it was Lilian;
LILIAN : My love how are you doing?
ME: Please who is on the line? (knowing fully well that its Lillian's voice)
LILIAN : It's me Lillian, this is my glo line
ME: Okay
LILIAN : You still haven't answered my first question, how are you my Love?
Me : Am good why the love thing now? I taught we were good friends
LILIAN : I told you I would fight for our Love, because I believe something good can come out of our newly found relationship
Me : The major reason why I haven't opposed you is because of your help and good deeds, don't spoil it please.
LILIAN : I'm building our relationship and won't spoil it
ME: Okay oo, buh we'll see where that leads us (trying to avoid fights)
LILIAN : That's better my dear that's a good way to start. I called to hear your voice anyways, buh am not really free now so I'll call you later *Kisses*

In my mind I was like what is this girl trying to do. Chukwube can't know of this ongoings if not, my fears of Rukky knowing is 80%. I wouldn't want my Baby mama to be dragged into the mess I've found myself, I don't even want her to feel cheated.
-    -    -    -

That very test week went well, all the papers were cheap since we prepared hard for them day in day out.
An information later reached me that the police have released everyone arrested and untagged the hostel out of bound. Allowing everyone to go and stay in the hostel until the culprit is caught.
During this same week, I never failed to contact my baby mama and also talked with Lilian sometimes before leaving the school to warri for the one week break....
But all this while something strange kept on disturbing me, apart from Batam who I knew travelled, following the instructions of Lillian. What about Favour who didn't travel and was still in the school.
Did she decided to let me be?
Has Lilian pushed her away with what she must have told her?
Is she watching my moves?

I just can't imagine what should be of her, she is the desperate type but what makes her go low is something I still can't picture out

-    -    -    -     -     -     -


The so called one week break came and go, I still kept in touched with my Baby mama Rukky, Jerry my mainest, Lillian my saviour, Chekwube my Besty and others with only Favour on my blacklist....
During the one week brake, I have already agreed with Chekwube to resume early Sunday morning so we can both go to my apartment in Daddy's hostel and see what really took place in my apartment, Rukky  will also be coming that same day but chooses late in the evening.

-    -    -    -     -     -


We finally came back to school in full, Myself and Chekwube entered the same day as we planned on phone and went to my hostel together. My room was only ransacked when Batam and his boys went there, nothing was stolen at all. We put everything in place and decided to satisfy our tommy.
I brought so many foodstuffs which my mum bought for me, so all we needed was just drinks to step down with, I hurried to the nearby store to get the drinks we needed and went back home.
Chekwube prepared a well cooked yam porridge which we ate together.
Thereafter, we started gisting and catching fun. The day hasn't gone far so we have to engage ourselves with something exhausting, as we wait for Rukky who will be coming late in the evening...


This episode is a summary of two different episodes, skipping some scene in the "test week" and also in the "one week break". But I guess its cool since you still understand...