Wednesday, 7 December 2016



Upon the fact that we tried to exhaust the time by playing so many games along side gisting like gossipers (aproko women), the wall clock still moves slowly like a tortoise sent to get a drug to save someone's live.
My eyes kept on focusing on the wall clock even though I never wanted to look at it,  how I wish I have the power to fast time.
I really missed her and vowed to have a good ride with her when she comes *you know that kind tin na*. Patience wasn't part of me at all, I brought out my phone and dialled my sweetest sweet number to know where she is;
ME: Baby have you started coming?
RUKKY: I'm on my way to the park, what should I buy you?
ME: Anything buyable (Chekwube shouted roosted chicken)
RUKKY: I heard someone's voice, is that Chekwube?
ME: Yes, she said you should buy roosted chicken for her
RUKKY: No problem I will buy it, baby just expect me okay?
ME: Okay sweet, Bye
RUKKY: Yea Bye

I ended the call and convinced Chekwube to take a walk with me, since it will take Rukky almost 3hours to get to Ozoro, Its 3:12pm already meaning she will arrive around 6:12pm or thereabout.
Chekwube didn't buy the idea because she knows I will definitely stop at a bar or any drinking parlour along the way, she asked me to accompanied her to her house instead, so she can do a little clean up and arrangement before we return back to welcome  Rukky...
I didn't bother to argue with her as I nodded my head in agreement and followed her to her own apartment. I was with Chekwube assisting her when jerry called;
JERRY: Alele kpekus, where you dey na?
ME: I'm in ozoro now, presently in a friends house
JERRY: Guy I'm in my hostel, I entered the town some minutes back and will like us to hang out tonight
ME: Ogbeni! My girl dey road dey come so no flexing tonight oo, na my house I won take flex...
JERRY: No qualms, I go join you be that. Hope is no other person but Rukky?
ME: Who else if not her?
JERRY: Because they swear for you with shawama, and the person when swear for you don even die. I think say na one ogbaje you don arrange before
ME: Your left yanch, Ekpa!!!
JERRY: Insult my old age. I dey come your side sha
ME: I dey wait, you know the place already na?
JERRY: Nor be Daddy's hostel?
ME: Yes na'im, I nor want make you loss for road. Bring Champaign come oo
JERRY: I hear you (hung up after saying it)

I was about dropping my phone when Rukky message beep in;

" Baby I'm in front of your house but its locked, where are you?"

Without wasting a minute I dashed off after telling Chekwube to join me later, that Rukky is there already. I jumped on the first bike I saw without telling the guy where I was going to, the urge to see my sweetest sweet made me described the rout like a deaf.
As soon as I got to my hostel i jumped down, paid the bike man and rushed in.
My baby mama was glittering from afar, I couldn't hold back the excitement in me as I spewed all the sweet words of love to her, while holding her closer to myself. She was speechless because I didn't give her any breathing space. She manage to whisper 'can we please go inside and play dirty?' . oh yes I'm sorry, I voiced out. I took her belongings from her and carried them inside as she joined me from behind filled with surprise.
As usual, I can perceive the juicy shawama hovering around her mini skirt. She was really hot and irresistible, I forgot the fact that she was pregnant as I tried to bounce on her. She asked me to relax and take things gently, she walked towards me pushed me to the bed and we started smooching, we got to climax while in the process before she asked me to stopped promising to give me a good ride later in the day. *the tin pain me sha because I was already in the mood, with my curve7 standing upright having the urge to penetrate her shawama*
Since she is mine alone, I agreed and stopped caressing her.
She gave me little insight of her journey and her entire family wellbeing, and I also told her my experience in school from the very first day she left excluding all the challenges encountered. We were still conversing when Jerry's call drew my attention. He told me he is in front of my hostel and I have to go pick him up because its late already and the gate has been shut by the hostel president, since we don't have security man anymore.
I excused myself from Rukky after collecting one lap of chicken she bought, and went out to meet Jerry.
Seeing Jerry got me surprised, my nigger has grown fat with big tommy
ME: Ogbeni see your belle, you just be like loaf of bread when them soak for water
JERRY: Na you know, guy make we enter hostel abeg I hear say the town dey hot. And you know say time done go far
ME: Its just 7:43pm which is to'eight so relax I dey even dey expect dat my friend Chekwube (Cracking the bone of the chicken like a dog)
JERRY: Na so we many when one sleep your house?
ME: You go use her take hold your side na? While me and my Baby go dey nack our akpakoo like TerryG
JERRY: For sure, no dulling base on ratata tins (we were still discussing outside when we heard a gun shot)

The sound of the gun shot was so closed that we ran inside my hostel and locked the gate, surprisingly we saw someone on black attires all through running towards the back of my hostel, the person wore a cap so I couldn't detect if the person is a boy or girl.
Jerry picked a long wood while I carried a shovel leaned on the far end of the gate. We chased the person but we couldn't bridge the gap as the person scale through the fence.
We were about going back, when we saw the hostel president and a girl that has resumed also, they came out and told me they heard a voice in the hostel before the shot was released. We were all conversing as myself and Jerry walked straight to my apartment gisting on how we would have burn the person alive like barbeque.
I hurriedly bashed my door wide open to tell Rukky what just happened, but i saw my Baby mama on the floor covered with her own blood. I shouted "who did this to your sweet" which drew the hostel president attention.
Instantly cold moved into my bloodstream as I held her on my lap, She wanted to talked to me but couldn't voice out anything. She was so weak and helpless, with her eyes half closed (dim). Jerry rushed out to get help while I cried out loud like a baby, looking at Rukky, as she struggled to breathe. She was bleeding seriously and I couldn't bear it as I carried her up, running outside. The hostel president followed me and assist in opening the gate, already Jerry has seen a cab who is willing to take us to the nearest hospital...


What do you think will be the outcome if Rukky give up??
Who is the so called black Ninja that shot her??
Where will I end up if her parent get to know??
Will I successfully go through the school, or the school will go through me??
All this questions and more will be answered in the season two (2).