Tuesday, 6 December 2016



Finally the D-day has come, I left Rukkys apartment while she was still far asleep to freshen up and get prepared for the main deal of the day. Didn’t bother to wake her up since she wasn’t pleased with what happened last night, I sent her an apology message regarding to what happened between us and went to the campus where I will be writing the examination.
The whole town was filled with lot of people from divers places, it’s like a market place if you do not walk steadfastly, you will surely collide with another person. I managed to locate the hall where my name is with the help of the para-military officers and school securities who directed me to campus two (2) after lot of to and fro movement.
Getting to the hall, I sat down on the seat provided for me since the seat number tally with the one on my photo card and also bear my serial number.
– – – – – – – – – – – –
It’s over and I was feeling a bit relieved, the questions were so cheap. Fifteen questions to answer for just 30mins and I didn’t spend up to 20mins in the hall before I came out. The examiner concentrated more on biology, physics and chemistry with just two questions from mathematics which are just like quantitative I did in primary school. Since I have no other business in the school I went straight home and met jerry sleeping, he woke up as soon as he heard the noise of the door;
ME: you dey sleep like rat when just escape from cat, after you don over worked your curve7 last night with Aghogho.
JERRY: wanka!!! Na me you won chick eh, I be like small pikin for your eye? Abi you think say na only you sabi alele girls kpekus?
ME: insult me as you like but don’t forget to respect my gray hair. What are we eating? my belle don gum my back oo
JERRY: guy na still that soup dey oo, abi you won eat indomie? make I tell Aghogho to prepare am
ME: I go arrange am myself nor stress the innocent girl when you don bukele till day break
JERRY: that reminds me, I greeted RUKKY this morning but she gave me deaf ears. What happened between you both last night?
ME: guy leave that babe, she might be heading somewhere that was why she didn’t answer you. She told me she is sometimes shy to answer greetings in the morning (I didn’t want to reveal the truth to him)
JERRY: that na her own palava. A friend of mine called me today reminding me of his birthday party tonight. I’m going there with Aghogho and I want you to join us
ME: I was even planning to go out tonight just to celebrate a successful exam.
JERRY: I know say book full your block head na, so you must make it into the school, that means we are going for double celebration. You will like the place I bet you, it has maximum security
ME: what is the name of the place?
JERRY: “WESTEN HALL” is the name, its opposite the school you must have passed there this morning on your way to school
ME: I dey with you full time but belle firest...

Base on normal level, I garnish the indomie and bought two big bottle of pepsi for me and jerry to step down with. Settled on the far end of the bed after the meal and switch on my phone which was off as at the time I was about going to campus, I taught rukky must have replied my message but to my greatest surprise none of the unread messages came from her.
I was so restless and started meditating on what to do next, I dialed her number more than 10 times but she didn’t pick up neither did she busy the call.
What else can I do? I ask myself, if only she can go to this party with me. I haven’t gotten a solution when Jerry taps me by my shoulder telling me to get dress for the party.
JERRY: allele kpekus watin you dey think abi you nor write well you come dey deceive me
ME: you say? (pretending as if I didn’t hear what he said)
JERRY: myself and Aghogho don ready remaining you. My padi send me message say na till dawn so carry better money oo because na you won bottle us
ME: see gbedu!!! Oshei! (with Dbanj voice)… problem nor dey brotherly, na money go shame
I rush into the bathroom to take a quick shower forgetting about rukky permanently, come to think of it I don collect my share from the national cake ‘as he dey hot’ why should I bother myself again when I don’t even love her….
The only thing I like about her is that she got a gigantic watermelon boobs must girls don’t have, but choosed to let go….
To be continued…