Tuesday, 6 December 2016



The bike guy dropped us in front of a building I couldn’t identify because it was really late then. I only notice it was opposite Uduaghan Park where I was picked up by Jerry. Favour was coughing seriously and couldn’t stand on her own, her eyes were all closed;
BIKE MAN: bros I dey feel you oo, you won go finish your babe perfectly tonight
ME: Nor vex, na you I for like finish then leave your bone for your family
BIKE MAN: na play i dey oo bros, pipo like you nor dey like chop remain for person
ME: na you get your mouth, take your money Mr. chop remain.

The bike guy left smiling as he pocket the one thousand naira note I gave to him, I shake my head with a fake smile and walked inside the building holding Favour to myself.
We met the receptionist and booked one of the available rooms, the keys were given to me after I made the payment and we went in.
 – – – –
 I carried Favour on the bed and went into the bathroom to shower off the sweat on me; I came out to see something I haven’t seen in my life. Favour has off her clothes leaving nothing on, she must be mad I said to myself as I walk towards her to cover her up with the blanket.
Getting closer I saw a reddish substance that looks like cherry, it was so enticing that my joystick disobeyed the law of equilibrium and obeyed the rule of moment. Is this shawama? Seems more like free to air stations on dstv. I tried to draw Favour’s attention by hitting her on her lap;
ME: Favour aren’t you bathing?
FAVOUR: Bathing is allowed but you will help me out with it.
(saying it with dead tone with her mouth smelling alcohol)
ME: okay stand up lets go
FAVOUR: can’t you see am standing already, you are the one sitting.

As a bad guy I refuse to dull myself knowing fully well that she has gotten to another level. Since my body is up already I just went straight to my pocket and get a CD, put it on with immediate effect and make justice to the food before me. Her sound track was wow!!! And it makes me to push on more and more until I got tired after an hour (the drink really makes me go long).
I slept off some minutes after the deed, later woke up to check my time it was already 5:32am I have to call Jerry;
ME: Gom_j afar na, you disappear like jellyfish
JERRY: I nor see you again
ME: likewise me, i search for you but couldn’t see you
JERRY: don’t mind me joor, I took my girl somewhere to get her something
ME: well I’m safe where I am; just want to hear from you.

I hanged up the call and saw Favour staring at me with a frown face. I was so frightened thinking she will get mad at me for taking advantage of her, more also she is still naked and she must know I tempered with her shawama...
To be continued...