Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Continuation from last scene……

I was trying to explain when she placed her middle finger on her lips telling me to shut up by making twwwwwccchhhhhhhh
FAVOUR: who was that?
ME: (with a deep breath) you mean the person I just spoke to?
FAVOUR: yea (covering herself with the blanket)
ME: It’s my friend Jerry, the one I sat with in the party
FAVOUR: I taught it’s another girl, baby please I need that stuff you gave to me. You make me feel like am flying over the moon.
ME: oohhh (with surprise), is it dddddddddddddddddd
FAVOUR: yes the S E X

Without wasting time I bounce on her like a roaring lion, pressing her hips, caressing her body and head to the shawama which was free to air…
I guess you know what happened next?
– –
Exactly 7:50am I woke her up and she went into the bathroom to wash herself. Already her shawama odour has taken over the room so I have to use the air freshener I saw on one of the drawers in the room.
She came out looking fresh and tantalizing, her true beauty was revealed and I was astonished with what I saw…. “She is dhem pretty” I said in my mind, maybe I should take her as substitute for Rukky when I finally gain admission into the school, saying it with my eyes on her;
FAVOUR: why staring at me that way?
ME: you are more beautiful than I taught, are you from another world?
FAVOUR: I know you are not serious, if I’m from another world you won’t wake up to see me. You might be even dead by now lol.
ME: I want us to be great friends
FAVOUR: friends or girlfriend?
ME: both
FAVOUR: guys are always fond of using sweet words, you are funny I must say and I like you.

We gisted, played together and finally exchanged contact before leaving the hotel room. What surprised me most was the way she rejected the #5,000 I gave to her for T-fare (actually it’s for a job well done), she turn it down telling me she is not an whore and won’t take such rubbish from me next time. All I have to do is to apologies and keep my money where it is suppose to be. She is really nice I finalized…
– – –
I got no business in the town anymore and have to go back home waiting for the admission list to be out, jerry promise to call me the next week Monday as soon as they post the admission list on the school notice board.
He excorted me to the park and bade me farewell…
To be continued……………………