Tuesday, 6 December 2016



Warri Again!!!

I enjoyed my stay in Ozoro especially the new fishes I caught with my indestructible net but it’s good to be home. No wonder they say ‘no place like home’; immediately as I got home, my mum has already cooked Owho soup, all I have to do is to prepare starch and marmar the great combination (yellow & yellow)…
After eating, I was pressed and decided to use the rest room, getting there I zipped down and brought out my curve7 to execute the waste urine in my bladder. I discovered the urine was reddish in colour and very painful while coming out through the urethra, after some time the urine stopped dripping and I shake my curve7 like that of an android phone sending files through flashshare/xender with tears rolling off my eyes, as if I was beaten due to the stress I applied in forcing the urine out.
It’s really strange because I haven’t felt such while urinating before, maybe it’s because I’ve been bearing if for some hours.
– – –
Staying alone at home was so boring but not on Saturdays when all the area boys will assemble at the back of Olodi primary school to gist or play different sport games.
I went to my room to change what I was wearing to Chelsea’s jersey and trunk before heading to the school field, on my way there I saw some of my area friends walking towards that direction, they are all wearing their sport kit and I stopped them so we can all go to the field together.
For everyone to be serious in the game we all contributed #20 each and stake, the winning team will have to take the whole money at the end. The game was so hot because of the money each side dropped as the winning price, I was one of the key men in my area when it comes to football but I wasn’t able to deliver my team with just one goal.
While the game was going on I became exhausted and ask someone to replace me, I left the field to get myself sachet water (local deionize H2O) I drank 2 sachet and pour one all over my head. Walking back to the field I stopped by a bush side to urinate and the worst happened, this time it took the urine almost an hour to come out and I was in pain waiting to see the urine pump out like a rushing tap, finally it came out with all my body vibrating as if it’s an electric shock.
Quakea!!!!What a strange development, it has to do with a health defect I presumed. I must see Akabueze the pharmacist in my street; maybe he will have a good explanation for this….
I went back to the field, wore my shirt which I pulled off before the start of the game and walked to my house to bath leaving my friends in the football field.
After bathing I was really worried as I walked in haste to the pharmacist shop ‘what could be the problem with me?’ I ask repeatedly hitting my head with my hand and the ground with my foot, not quite long a call came in. it’s Favour;
ME: hellooo (with falling intonation)
FAVOUR: Hi dear, you sound uncomfortable. Hope all is well?
ME: Yea all is well, how are you enjoying the day?
FAVOUR: I’m not that fine because am missing you already, when are you coming back or should I come and spend 2days with you
ME: There is no need for that; I’ll be coming over as soon as I secure my admission. Hopefully next month
FAVOUR: if you say so, I love you. Make sure you call me later in the day
ME: hmm I love you too dear, I will call you later… bye for now (trying to end the conversation since am already in front of the pharmacy)

I ended the call while in front of the pharmacy shop and walked in to explain my experience with Mr. Vincent Akabueze the pharmacist. After my brief explanation of what am experiencing, he advised me to go for proper check up in any of the medical laboratory around or better still see a professional doctor in general hospital before I can know the main problem am encountering, that I could be infected with one of the following STD which include chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, genital herpes and staphylococcus which suit my explanation.
He said that their symptoms are the same with what I just gave but are easy to cure. He later added that the sooner your infection is diagnosed, the better are your chances of getting it treated and cured so make sure you go for the test today….
I ran off like super Mario to see if I can get the test done, it seems my enemies are at work again and they won’t succeed, I assured myself. Jerry might have an idea on what is wrong with me, I dialed his number to tell him what happened and seek his advice;
ME: Jerry, yawa don burst oo
JERRY: Who die?
ME: nobody die, but your guy won die na
JERRY: which of my guy, na Oke?
ME: Na me oooooooooooooooooo, I don get piss problem, for me to pee na war now
JERRY: hahahahahahahaha, na make you say you won die?
ME: nor be laugh issue be dis na, serious for once
JERRY: small ‘ota garri’ wen you get na make you dey jump, you know how many I don carry b4. So all those your many girls when you dey scatter their congo meat neva give you ‘ota garri’ once.
ME: which one be ‘ota garri’ again?
JERRY: soak one cup of garri with many water, nor put salt or sugar oo, after you soak am finish carry your alele wen you take dey scatter babes kpekus put inside. The cap of ur alele go drink the water finish after one week the ota garri go disappear, but if you nor fit do that one go do test, them go tell you the medicine when you go take.
ME: Sweet Jesus!!!
JERRY: Nor be sweet Jesus do u ooo, na sweet shawama. Abeg later we go talk.
– – –
Jerry ended the call as if he was the one who called me; I was so angry and scared.
What should I do now, should I follow Jerry’s prescription by soaking the garri for my TIN or see a doctor, or better still visit any lab for medical test?
To be continued…….