Wednesday, 7 December 2016



The coldness of Rukky’s palm got me more worried as her temperature decreases to about 21 degree Celsius.
I could smell death in her breath as she kept on struggling and fighting to stay alive.
“The worst part of it was when Jerry started telling me to keep calm, and be a man. It was just as if men don’t die according to his speech.
I became nervously carried away and lost control of myself when Rukky suddenly voice out “good___b__ye____my__lo_v_e”.
It took me some seconds to recollect the exact word she used as i read her lips while saying it.
It can’t be! Rukky can’t go just like that, not in this life. I kept on shaking Rukky’s body when I noticed she wasn’t breathing anymore.
I tapped the driver to increase the speed of the vehicle at the same time crying helplessly.
Finally we got to a private hospital in the town and immediately she was taken to the emergency ward. I wasn’t myself yet as I sat on the floor at the reception memorizing the statement Rukky made before she stopped breathing.
Jerry in the other hand was consoling me to take things easy that she isn’t dead, the driver who took us to the hospital was still outside waiting for his payment and I was not even thinking about him, as I was busy thinking of what will happen if Rukky dies.
After about 15mins, the taxi driver walked into the hospital to collect his money from me but Jerry being a good friend paid him.
I heard my phone ringing but chose not to pay attention to any call.
Jerry was the one taking the calls, and I never bothered to asked him who was on the line.
To me, a standard medical attention has been administered to her as I saw the doctor coming out from the emergency ward, but to my greatest surprised the doctor came to drop an annoying demand;
DOCTOR: Are you two the good Nigerian’s that brought in the student that was shot?
ME: *hastily stood up* Yes doctor, How is she? Hope she is fine? Can I see her now? I mean can we see her?
DOCTOR: I’m sorry you can’t see her yet, more also we haven’t commence treatment on her because her condition is very fatal, I suggest you start going to the police station to get a police report because without it there is nothing we can do.
ME: Please doctor, I will go and get the report but do something to save her life
DOCTOR: Like I said, in such cases we don’t treat without a report from the police. Its against the profession
JERRY: Sir, we are going right away to get the report but please help our friend anyway you can
(I was pissed off and thought within me; why was I
born into the black race)
ME: Doctor, I know you have a good heart and i am begging you with the name of God to commence treatment as we rush down to get the report, don’t let devil ruin that good quality in you.
The doctor agreed but advise us to be fast with our move as her chance for survival is very slim.
— — —
We both went out and luckily met the taxi driver who dropped us in the hospital at the gate.
He took us to the police station where we reported the incident, but they said there is no way the report could be given to us because the secretary to the DPO who is in charge of issuing it is not on seat and there was no light (power) to print it out by any other officer.
I was totally confused with their excuses. We can’t go back to that hospital without the report.