Thursday, 8 December 2016



We turned back to see who the person was, and it was no other person but the Doctor;
DOC: Where are you taking him to?
NURSE: He said he is press and needs to use the rest room
DOC: But that way leads to the back gate and not the toilet, if I may ask what happened to the toilet in his room?
(The nurse looks defenceless at this point, her lips were shaking like a vibrating phone placed on a desk)
ME: It hardly flush well, so I can't make use of it nor any other one in this hospital. I prefer to use the gutter but don't know the way out, that was why I pleaded with her to help me
DOC: Its alright, I'm sorry if I erred you with my mode of talking
ME: There is no problem at all sir, You can help me still if you wish to, so she can return to her duty post
DOC: Don't worry about that. Vicky take him down there, but don't waste a single time because we have lesser time for him to assimilate the last drip that was fixed on him
NURSE: Okay sir

We left the doctor and went outside through the back door.
At this point, I don't really know if I should leave the hospital that moment or return back to the room just to save the nurse, her job which is now at risk.
I finally decided to face any thing that await me instead of running away from my Borden;
ME: Let's go back to my room so you can help me fix the drip
NURSE: You don't have to go back, Rukky won't be happy if she finds out you didn't escape out of here
ME: But your job is at risk here
NURSE: I know for sure, but that is not a problem, Rukky has been a childhood friend so I can sacrifice for her
ME: Sacrifice you say, but I insist we go back, maybe after that I will find a way out

She insisted but I didn't comply.
Come to think of it, what else can they do to me that is more stronger, to the beating I received from them?
We went back to the room where she fixed the drip on me and left to contact Rukky.
-- -- --
After about 20minutes, I noticed the handle of the door was moving.
Someone sneaked in but was wearing a medical lab coat and a nose mask...
I found out it was Rukky as soon as she approaches the bed;
RUKKY: Why are you so stubborn? I regret ever knowing you, in my next life I won't fall for a stubborn Ijaw boy like you
ME: Humble Urhobo girl I hear you
RUKKY: Whether you like it or not, we are leaving this place right now
(She forcefully drew the drip from my hand which makes blood to rush out continuously)
ME: Stop all this, why are you so afraid of your Dad?
RUKKY: It seems you don't know my father's plan
ME: Will he kill me?
RUKKY: He will do more than that
ME: Fuc_k him then, he will know I have a family if he tries anything nasty. I didn't kill and I know my fundamental human right

Our conversation led to arguments which Rukky never wanted.
She tried to calm me and dragged me out, but I was still blabbing when Rukky father and a young man on navy uniform walked in;
MAJOR: I don't really know what you have become Rukky, instead of behaving like a military girl who do things openly, you're behaving like a militant who does things in secret
RUKKY: Dad i'm still begging you not to treat him unjustly
MAJOR: I'm not treating him unjustly, am helping my nation to fight against any unlawful act, students are not supposed to be shot or rob in school. All I need from him is to provide those behind the act
RUKKY: Okay, I promise he will give you all the information you needed, because he has a suspect already. But please Dad, take him for his words and not otherwise
MAJOR: Imagine my daughter giving me instructions, kudus
RUKKY: please Dad keep to your words
MAJOR: Yes ma (jokingly)
And the young man standing by me is Officer Ken, a navy officer who is in charge of the Naval base in Ozoro here. He is the son of my very good friend, Senator  Mark who is the current senate president.
RUKKY: Why the introduction?
MAJOR: He will be taking good care of you in this school, and immediately you round up with your National Diploma (ND) he will take you legally as his wife, after he must have carryout all the marriage rite
(I was really mad hearing this from Rukky's Dad, is it because am not a military man I asked myself)
RUKKY: Dad No! No! No! It won't work, how about Eli?
MAJOR: I'm taking him now to decide his case, officer Ken! please call two men to come take this notorious civilian out of here
(Office Ken did as instructed while Rukky left the hospital in anger)

Two army men came, held my hands and took me out to their van.
I was taken to the naval base in the town, and locked in an underground guardroom.
The place was so dark that I couldn't see anything.
I was there for some time until I started feeling sleepy. I knew its late night because I couldn't fight the sleep that has already taken over me.
-- -- --

I woke up seeing everywhere covered with total darkness, I could not even walk around because I don't know how the structure of the guardroom is.
At this moment the only person I could think about is Lillian, and not even Rukky anymore. How I wish i'm with my phone I would have called her to come to my rescue.
I knew Lillian must have been trying to reach me. Imagine how I messed up with my life, my poor mother will be thinking am in school learning not knowing i'm in a blackout prison.
I was still talking to myself, regretting almost everything i've done when some navy officers opened the guardroom and asked me to come out...