Thursday, 8 December 2016



Reaching home I found my room stuffy and have to do some cleanup, after which I went into the bathroom to freshen up.
In the next 30mins, I was done and sat on my bed wearing nothing. I spread my legs wide open and started fanning my curve7 with a hand fan.
Boredom generated from nowhere, which makes me to think about my life, especially the good times I have shared with Rukky.
After lot of thinking, I decided to let her go off my life, to avoid any future crash with her Dad and Officer Ken.
All this while I was so restless as my entire body ache, and the foreskin of my curve7 kept on swelling little by little.
I went to my wooden wardrobe, wore my Hausa kaftan known as 'Babbanriga' **Jalabia**, and went to one of the provision stores around to get ice-block and yoghurt before going back home.
The ice block was placed on my curve7 to cool down the temperature, but still it wasn't helping as I taught it would.
"I removed it from my curve7, went to the kitchen and dumbed it in a bowl.
Just to keep my body and soul together, I opened the yoghurt and started sipping it gradually feeling a bit relaxed, as the chilled taste controlled me like an electromagnetic wave (having extra energy that moves round, all over my body).
It was just as if the yoghurt boasted my neurons, as I remembered the envelop that was placed in my pocket, and quickly went to my bathroom where I neglected the trouser I wore, to get the envelop.
I opened it to see the content that was therein, and saw a letter and a cheque of fifty thousand naira which has my name on it.
I couldn't believe my eyes as I hastily opened the letter to unveiled the information in it;

" I'm veronica, a betrothed to Ken. I know all that has been happening to your relationship and really need your help now. Don't bother to contact me, I'll be leaving town in two days time due to my transfer to Abuja, but I'll reach you soon when the time comes. I know you will be surprised about the cheque, but don't be worried, its for you to start up with since you just returned from a hard time... CHEERS "

I was really surprised with the message.
Does it mean Officer Ken never loved Rukky?
Hope Rukky is not playing a smart game to make me stink to her?
But this lady is more mature to play prank na?
Is it that the lady in question really loves Officer Ken, and wanted to use my relationship with Rukky to fight him?
"What is really the problem here? I asked myself.
"I was still exaggerating when someone started knocking my door.
I stood up tirelessly and went to check who was at the door, and found Rukky smiling at me as she walked closer.
She gave me a surprised hug and planted her glossy lips on mine. Unlike before, I didn't reacted by kissing her back as I removed her lips from mine, and cleaned my mouth with my left hand.
She noticed I wasn't happy, and changed her mood as she held my hands leading me to my bed.
Deep inside her, I was angry because of what her Dad did to me, but that was far from what I was thinking about.
I maintained my sobber reflection because I don't know how to break the news to her that;
"We can't see each other anymore, because of the agreements I signed forcefully, secondly
"The military husband given to her, by her father is betroth to a lady called Veronica.

She persuaded me to unveiled the result of my sadness, after apologising on behalf of her Dad.
For me not to hurt her more with my silence, I managed to composed something reasonable;
ME: Rukky, I know our heart still beat for each other but there comes a time when the doors have to be shut permanently.
RUKKY: You speak in riddles and more also, this is the first time you are addressing me by my name. What happened to 'Sweetest Sweet' What happened to "BaeBae" What happened to "Sexy Shawama"?
(She asked with an unstable voice)
ME: I can't really elucidate, but please we have to shut down our relationship to avoid any unfavourable outcome
RUKKY: Is it because of my father? Don't worry I'll handle that
ME: Its not because of your Dad, Its a decision I made on my own
(I lied, making it convincing)
RUKKY: Baby you hurt me with your words
ME: I never wanted to but I have to. Don't look for me anymore and play safe, I wish you well...
RUKKY: Is this one of your normal jokes?
ME: Please Rukky just go, please go I beg of you...
**holding the tears that was about coming out from my eyes**
RUKKY: You are sending me out of your house?
ME: You can call it anything you wish to, but please go right now

Rukky was not only surprised but was shocked as her breathing became faster and louder, there was no doubt that she could have high BP (High Blood Pressure) instantly and could even commit suicide.
She opened her small hand bang, threw my phone on me and ran out, hitting Chekwube who was about Knocking the door.