Thursday, 8 December 2016



Chekwube walked in confused. She wanted to chase after Rukky to know what was wrong, but ceased to do so.
She knew that wouldn't be possible, as Rukky was in tears.
She calmly sat on the bed leaving some space between myself and her, before spewing what she wanted to;
CHEKWUBE: Eli, first and foremost I want you to be strong. I knew what you have been passing through since on Tuesday and I felt all the pains in you, but please do not use it to spoil your God approved relationship
ME: What pains are you talking about here?
CHEKWUBE: I called your cell phone several times when I got to school that day, but you weren't picking. I decided to go to Rukky's house to catch up with you and drag you down with me, when I saw you on a muddy stagnant water, half dead. Among the crowd that was there, I found Rukky pleading with her Dad to take you to the hospital which he did after about 20mins of consideration
ME: Does it mean, the man never wanted to take me to the hospital?
CHEKWUBE: Yes, but he finally did. I was really touched that very day and could not return back to school, I stayed with Rukky throughout that day to consoled. She didn't take anything for good two days, not even water. She gave me your phone to take any important calls, since I have spent more time with you compared to her, and also knows some of your friends
ME: She not taking anything, is not my concern now. Who were those that called me on phone?
CHEKWUBE: Lillian called, your cousin John, your friend Oke, your Mum and....
ME: Forget about the rest, did you take my mum's call?
ME: Why na? Okay, what did you tell her?
CHEKWUBE: I told her you forgot your phone in the class, which is safe with me. She called the next day but i didn't pick up, rather I switch it off up till today.
ME: What about Lillian you said she called also?
CHEKWUBE: Yes, she kept on calling
ME: What did you tell her?
CHEKWUBE: I told her everything that was happening, and haven't heard or seen her up till today.
ME: Interesting, how come Rukky is the one giving the phone back to me, when you claimed to be with it since on Tuesday?
CHEKWUBE: She called me that you have been freed, and she needs to return back the phone
ME: Then?
CHEKWUBE: She came to my house to collect it, and I promised to join her when I finished what I was doing.
ME: No problem, but from today hence fort I'm no longer dating Rukky
CHEKWUBE: But why?
ME: Just telling you because you knew about our relationship and please don't ask me why again
CHEKWUBE: Hmmmm, okay
ME: So how did school go this week?
CHEKWUBE: Normal lectures took place, test script was shared by Jossy, Orientation and vital news about the school were given, and lot of notes were copied
ME: Hope you copied mine?
CHEKWUBE: Your notes were not with me, but I can do that today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday
ME: How about my test scripts, are they with Jossy?
CHEKWUBE: No, they are with me
(Opening her bag to get them)
ME: Let me have them please
CHEKWUBE: I won't give them to you, is it because you had the highest score in almost all the courses?
ME: Wow! I have to see them please
CHEKWUBE: No No No No No Nooo!

She stood up with the script and was about running out when I held her hands, dragging the scripts with her.
She playfully pulled me with force which made me slip on the floor. That was when I remembered I haven't eaten.
Chekwube who observed the weakness in me, came to my aid and assisted me to the bed.
She pleaded, for me to forgive her and rushed down to get me something to eat.
--  --  --  --
She returned some minutes later and decided to massage me before I eat.
I agreed and lay on the bed for her to go ahead. She was rubbing my back softly which seems more like a romance and not the normal massaging I knew...
Gradually she kept on doing it to my notice, promoting her soft hands to parts that doesn't even need massaging.
I ignored her for some time because I was not moved, since I got no real feelings for her as a lover or bad motives to eat her shawama.
She knew I wasn't carried lustfully, as she paused for a minute before opening her mouth;
CHEKWUBE: Eli, there is something I wanted to tell you
ME: I'm all ears
CHEKWUBE: Promise you won't be mad at me?
ME: Sorry but I can't promise you that. You can keep it to yourself, if you know I won't like it
CHEKWUBE: I've been keeping it to myself for long now, and I can't keep it anymore
ME: Then feel free
CHEKWUBE: **sucked her nose, balance her top and adjust towards me**
Ever since the very first day we met in class, my spirit and soul always yearn to have you. It's unfortunate for me that, you didn't asked me out, and later introduced me to your girlfriend

"Hearing this from Chekwube got me mute, I manage to sit upright not knowing what to reply her...