Thursday, 8 December 2016



Actually I got no worries in following them to the police station, but my fear is if I can stand Batam one on one...

We alighted from the car and walked straight inside the station.
Three police officers who were behind the counter, stopped us as we approaches the way that leads to the DPO's office;
OFFICER1: Where do you think you are going to?
OFFICER2: Nigerians hardly learn, you can't even greet? We will detain you all
LILLIAN: Its obvious you guys are new here, so you don't know me. But anyway i'm going inside to see the DPO
OFFICER2: Shut up your mouth there, you think because you know the DPO you can just walk in?
OFFICER3: We are in charge so tell us what brought you here, if its something that needs the DPO attention, we will refer you to him
LILLIAN: We came to bail someone
OFFICER1: Now you are talking, Officer Hauwa attend to them
(Reffering to officer2)
OFFICER2: Here is the breakdown to bail any suspect; N10,000 for late night movement, N20,000 for two fighting, N50,000 for arm robbery suspect, N100,000 for kidnappers, N120,000 for murderer... So write the name of the person you want to bail, let's check our register to know the category the person falls under
LAWYER: I see. Well I'm Barrister Macrex and i'm here to imbibe an administrative bail which is free of charge. The Nigerian 1999 Constitution provides that, an accused person who has been arrested on the allegation of having committed an offence must be charged to court within 24 hours where a court of competent jurisdiction is located, within a radius of forty kilometers from the police. Now my client has been here for more than 24hrs without been charge
OFFICER2: Sir, we are sorry for requesting a bail price
LAWYER: It is lugubrious and unfortunate to know that unscrupulous officers still extort suspects, and make them pay for ‘bail’ before they are released.
OFFICER3: Sir we are so so sorry, you can meet the DPO now
LAWYER: I'm not pleased at all with what you people did, therefore i have to correct you all never to try it with another client, because it is illegal and unconstitutional for a suspect to be detained for more than 48 hours by the police or government agencies without bail or without charging the individual to court.
OFFICER1: Thank you sir, let me take you to the DPO's office myself
LAWYER: Before i can leave, the three of you have to tender an apologia to the lady you all address rudely.
(They all said sorry to Lillian, which makes the Lawyer to node his head in satisfaction).

I withdrew the speed of my movement, so I can be behind Lillian and her lawyer as we approaches the DPO's office;
DPO: Oh Miss Lillian, How are you?
DPO: What about your Mum and Studies?
LILLIAN: She is fine and studies has been perfect
DPO: What brought you here?
LAWYER: Sorry to intrude Mr. DPO. I'm Barrister Macrex and we are here in respect of one Batam, who was apprehended by your men yesterday at Lillian's apartment
DPO: Batam! Batam! Batam! Ohhh!!! I see..... That case is beyond me oo, because the arrest was made by a Joint Task Force comprises of Nigeria Army, Nigeria Navy and Nigeria police force
LAWYER: But you know it is unlawful to make such arrest when there is no evidence
DPO: Actually, there is an evidence because the suspect has admitted the fact that he is aware of the whole scenario, even if he wasn't the major person that carried out the mission. A voice note was even captured by the navy officer who tortured him before bringing him down here to be locked up
LAWYER: Can we hear from him?
DPO: Sure you can.
(He picked up his phone and called an officer to appear in his office).

It wasn't long, office Hauwa showed up;
OFFICER2: Shunnnn Sir!!
DPO: Bring that boy that was brought in here by The Navy officers yesterday, they want to see him.
OFFICER2: Okay sir
DPO: Don't forget to maintain the normal time duration
DPO: You can go with her
(reffering to us)

We left the DPO's office and followed the police officer, who was instructed to bring Batam out...