Thursday, 8 December 2016



Batam was brought out from the cell, and was made to sit on a long bench outside the cell.
I couldn't take a glance at his swollen reddish eyes, that were bringing out combustible flames deep within.
I myself felt pity on him, as he coughed out blood.
I kept on imagining the kind of tortured such hefty rugged rogue, must have undergone to give in;
LAWYER: How are doing?
(Batam stared at him and sigh, he watch my face with great dismay and gave Lillian a wink, which makes her shrugged)
LILLIAN: This is Barrister Macrex, we have come to set you free. So answer all his questions so he can have good advantage while tackling the case
BATAM: What's your question Barrister?
LAWYER: I asked how you are fairing?
BATAM: As you can see I'm enjoying myself in this dhem pit
(I was surprised with the manner at which he answered the question)
LAWYER: Well, I know you aren't happy here, the truth is that you are supposed to be out this minute, but we were just told by the DPO, that you admitted your involvement in the shooting of one Bright Rukky
BATAM: They almost removed my scro_tum from my John-Thomas and you expect me to fight on? Mhen I'll get back to that crazy navy officer. I got his file and details already
LAWYER: You leaving this place is not to fight anyone, but to play safe... We will try our best like I said earlier on to remove you from this place latest tomorrow. But first I need to know all that happened and what you told the military men, Yes! Everything that was recorded
(I was just looking at him as he quiver in anger)
BATAM: I told them the truth, ya the whole truth, and who is this rabbit staring at me?
(This time around, he was referring to me, because there was no doubt he recognises my face. The anger in him got me frightened)
LILLIAN: He is the Eli, the fiance of the girl that was shot
BATAM: I knew he is the beast that got my lovely sister into this mess, just thank your God I couldn't crush you. But its a promise that I will get back to you soon or later
BARRISTER: You aren't helping matters at all, the young boy came here because of you. We are all looking for a way to bring you off the mess you are already in, just tell me what really happened
OFFICER HAUWA: Make una hurry up ooo, 2mins na remain for una time
LILLIAN: Officer please bear with us. Batam, I don't think we can do this another day so kindly use this opportunity wisely
BATAM: Fine, you guys want to hear everything right?
BATAM: You know about how Favour wanted me to put this rabbit under her?
BATAM: Favour couldn't bear it as things weren't going as plan. So she pleaded I just end his life since things weren't going as plan. She later accused you of having an affair with him also, but I didn't believe her.
BATAM: Yes you. She sent me picture of you both standing in front of your apartment on whatsapp, and immediately I saw the pic, I rushed down to your house but didn't see him there with you
(I was baffled with what he said. So Favour saw us that day? Thank God I hid myself under her bed; I said in my mind)
I left your place and called Favour that he wasn't there, Favour argued with me for days and pleaded I should just kill the boy. I agreed to travel out of the town but I never travelled, I decided to end the life of the boy just to pleased my twin sister who was in pain.....
OFFICER HAUWA: Time up. I have to take him behind bars now
LILLIAN: Please officer give us little time
OFFICER HAUWA: You guys heard the DPO, the normal time given is 10mins which have elapsed
LILLIAN; Okay have this...
(She squeeze N1000 into officer Hauwa hands, and she gave us extra time)
LAWYER: Please, continue
BATAM: I decided to end the boys life that evening. Favour who has another plan went to fixed her hair and came back putting on Lillian's clothes and did same hair with Lillian. I was surprised and asked her why she wore Lillian's clothe, but she said she wanna see how good it will look on her. She even collected Lillian's cap that was with me. We were together for almost an hour before I went to the bathroom to bath and go get the dude, after I finish. I came out only to find my pistol gone. I was speechless for some minutes before I realised it must have been taken by Favour, she later came back some hours later and started crying
LILLIAN: You mean Favour shot Rukky?
BATAM: Yes, and I told her never to go closed to the boy again to avoid suspect.
LAWYER: Touching... Where is Favour now, is she aware that you have been locked up?
BATAM: She isn't aware but she is in town staying with her friend...
LAWYER: Did you give her address to the police
LAWYER: we will get back to you

Batam was taken back to the cell, as we left for the DPO's office.
A call was put forward by the DPO and the lawyer to the Navy's office.
After a prolong conversation with the Navy officer, they came to a conclusion that the only way Batam can be granted bail is only if he provides Favour, or she submit herself to the police.
We left the station, and I was taken back to my hostel by Lillian.