Thursday, 8 December 2016



I met Chekwube in my room sleeping, as I opened the entrance door which wasn't locked.
The sweetest part of it all, was that she has prepared Banga Soup as the aroma filled the entire room.
I woke her up and told her all that happened. She was really surprised and prayed the police get Favour on time...
Just to satisfy my tommy, i served myself some Banga soup and starch, sat on the floor and started eating the well prepared meal.
While i was eating i kept on having some mental synthesis about Rukky, and all that has been happening.
I was really worried for Favour because I knew her to be very unrecompensed, but some times voracious towards what she feels is hers.
There was no doubt that she can't run from her evil plot even though Rukky who was shot is very much fine and healthy. Rukky Dad will never let go unless the culprit has been dealt with...
Myself and Chekwube confabulated on it before we finally slept off...
--  --  --

After a whole week of not attending lectures, I finally make it back to campus.
I couldn't believe my eyes as girls jumped on me, with some guys approaching just to have a handshake with me.
Some babes were giving congratulatory remark which makes me forget all that happened the previous week entirely;
KATE: Class rep we miss you, I think you have to give me your address so I can be coming over to learn taxonomy. Could you believe you are the only one that had 20 in the test? the person who followed you had just 8
FAITH: All I need is your phone number please, I asked for it from your assistant Jossy but he didn't give it to me
TOPE: Do you know you are my crush?
AMINA: I have a surprise for you Eli
(She opened her bag and brought out a 3in1 singlet)
Please accept it from me, i've been coming to school with it since last week Tuesday

I was really surprised with their actions, and remain speechless.
Chekwube who wasn't comfortable with the happening, left me and walked straight to our normal seat.
Since the entire department welcomed me warmly, I decided to address them before the first lecturer for the day comes in.
I climbed the podium, clear my throat and started my speech with our slogan;
ME: S.L.T !
CLASS: Oneness
ME: S.L.T !!
CLASS: Oneness
ME: S.L.T !!!
CLASS: Everything positive is available
ME: First of all I want to thank the two higher powers, Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ before thanking you all for your great welcoming. I couldn't make it to school last week because of some issues that arises but thank God i'm back to foresee the smooth running of our great department. In respect to this semester calendar, our exams are fast approaching since it has been fixed to take place in two weeks time, my advise for every great scientists hearing my voice today in this mini-auditorium is to start preparing now. I want our department to produce the best average pass mark in the whole school, and also produced the best graduate in the school history. Just like our departmental slogan 'oneness' we should always try to be one in everything we do, don't forget "team work makes the dream work". Our dream is to graduate with good grade, so with oneness in our heart we shall all make it to the top... Thanks for listening to me... Thank you
CLASS: We love you (they kept on clapping as I walked back to my seat, some girls were shouting wooww!!! What a nice speech, he is so cute)

After about 6mins, the first lecturer we are having for the day came in, he taught us a new topic and also did revision.
Before he left, he reminded us of our first examination which is coming up in two weeks time, and told us to read fervently that he has already set his questions.
After he has finished, the next lecturer came and did same before he left.
Chekwube who was not happy with the way I responded positively to the girls, left the class without even talking to me.
Some other girls came to me, and requested for my number which I gave to them.
I quickly remembered the cheque that was given to me by Miss Veronica.
I checked my time which was telling 3:16pm, and realised I still have 44mins left for banks to close.
In hurry, I rushed down to the school gate only to find students surrounding the school notice board. I forcefully created way for me to see what was posted and found the greatest shock of my life;

"The following students have been expelled from the school:
1. Okoli Nosa
2. Nwosa Batam
3. Nwosa Favour
4. Iduibisi Christiana
5. Kolosi Junior
More names will be posted in due course. If any of the above named person is seen within or outside the school premises, he or she should be reported to the school security post...

The notice really shocked me, as I kept on staring at it.
Students started saying what they knew concerning the people that were expelled;
GIRL1: I heard that Okoli Nosa fought with a lecture during lectures last week in business administration department. That is the reason why he is expelled
GIRL2: This school is really unfair with their judgement, they are not supposed to expel him. I witness everything, because it happened in my department, the lecturer asked Nosa a question and he said he does not know the answer. The lecturer asked him to kneel down which he did, that wasn't enough he brought out cane and started flogging the boy that he is too dull, imagine the rubbish, as if we are still in primary school
GUY1: Is that why the guy fought with him?
GIRL2: Yes na, not only did the guy fought with him, but he beat the lecturer as if the lecturer is his younger brother.
GIRL1: Wonders shall never end
GIRL2: The rest on the list deserve to be expelled because they are all cultist, especially the brother and sister on the list
GIRL1: Do you know them?
GIRL2: Yes na, I heard the brother raped some students while the girl killed her room mate. But I don't know how true it is, I only heard it from people's mouth
GUY1: I know the guy to be a very strong cultist, I pray they get his boys too because they have been oppressing student in the school....

Everyone was saying what they knew or heard.
I wanted to stay back and listen to all their trash, but because of the cheque that has the date of that very day, I decided to decline myself from the crowd.
I quickly rushed down to the bank to catch the cheque.
Getting to the bank, i didn't encountered stress as the money was given to me immediately I presented my school identity card.
I left the bank and went to a supermarket, where I bought some foodstuffs and juice before returning back home.