Thursday, 8 December 2016



Reaching home, I tried to call Chekwube who was mad at me, but her number wasn't connecting.
I knew I did nothing wrong to her, but just felt like apologising, since she is the only true friend I can confide on in the school.
In the other hand, I can't stopped feeling so appreciative to an unknown friend who came to my aid, by offering N50,000 cheque to me.
I would have loved to call Miss Veronica, to thank her for the money she gave me, but don't even have her contact.
Although she dissuaded me not to bother myself about reaching her, that when the right time comes she will get to me.
I kept on conceptualizing how she will manage to get in touch, when she don't even have my personal details i.e phone number nor my home address.
My imaginations were still fighting with my brain, when I realised that military personnel are good at discovering things unknown to them.
Again, I brought out the letter she gave me, went through it for some seconds before my phone started ringing.
It was a call from my mum, which makes me jumped up in presentiment.
Its been more than a week I called my mum or take her calls;
ME: Hello Mummy!!
MUM: Hello Lastybobo! What is wrong?
ME: Mummy nothing oo, good evening ma'
MUM: Evening my son. Do you know you are becoming something else
(I was cold hearing that statement from my Mum)
ME: No Mummy
MUM: You made me scared and restless, I have been trying to reach you since the pass week but your phone wasn't going. Even the last time it went through, it was your friend that picked the call
ME: Sorry Mummy, actually I forgot the phone in my class and my friend hid it from me, all in the name of playing prank. Remember last week was April 1st, so she said it was April fool tin
MUM: Now days children playing with everything, she even used that opportunity to catch me April fool too
ME: Hahahaha, Baby No oo, she can't do that with you
MUM: What is No oo, maybe you did that to her mum that was why she tried to pay back
ME: I did not Baby! So tell me, how is your health?
MUM: I am Fine by Gods grace, you know we are ageing so some part of us will depreciate. I'm really worried about you, do you have anything on you, I mean money?
(If i told her that i have money she will kept on asking how did i manage to save when i'm not working, and nobody is sending me)
ME: No Baby, there is no single penny with me
MUM: So you want to starve yourself to death? Well I will send you something tomorrow
ME: Thank you Baby
MUM: Make sure you manage oo
ME: I'll ma
MUM: Okay! bye bye
**She ended the call**

I felt a little bit relaxed, as she believed all that i told her.
I always hate myself whenever I lied to my mum, but what happened that very week was something i really can't tell her.
I hastily arranged all I bought in their rightful positions, and rest comfortably on my bed.
The news about Favour and Batam leaving the school, went through my head.
What will be their reactions, if they found out that they have been expelled?
How come they included Favour's name?
Does it mean she has been apprehended?
What if Batam attacks me after everything?
These were the questions I kept on asking myself, when my door became wide opened all of a sudden.
The next person I saw was Favour;
ME: What are you trying to do?
(Adjusting myself out of shock)
FAVOUR: What do you think I'm about doing?
ME: Favour please don't shoot me, I'm begging you in the name of God
FAVOUR: Shut your mouth! You deserve to die, heartless people like you don't worth the breath of life
ME: I'm sorry Favour
(Walking towards her, saying some prayers deep inside me for miracle to happen)
FAVOUR: Don't move an inch, do you even think you can get the gun off my grip?
ME: I don't want to get it from you dear
FAVOUR: Don't dear me you beast! Just like I promised your so called love, what's her name again? I don't even care to know such worthless name. Well before I shot her, I made a  promised that you must surely join her, it's quite unfortunate that she survived it. Eli, you doesn't deserve a place in this world and I must send you to where you belong
ME: I know you have a good heart Favour, don't let the devil used you
FAVOUR: You brought out the devil in me. You made me pass through pains, you made my brother to be jailed, you made the police to be looking for me, you made me and my brother lost our education here in ozoro, what else do you want to take from me eh?
ME: I don't wanna take anything from you Favour, and I never for once took anything from you. All that happened was lack of understanding
FAVOUR: Well, am not here to negotiate with you rather I came here to satisfy my heart, am sorry you have to go...

She positioned her hands on the trigger,  pulled it and.....