Wednesday, 7 December 2016



I was still thinking of the next step to take when Lillian call came in. I never wanted to take any call at that moment but I felt she might be of help, since the police knows her to be the daughter of a reputable barrister;
LILLIAN: Why have you not been taking my calls?
ME *clearing my throat after whipping off the tears in my eyes* I am doomed as I talk to you right now
LILLIAN: What do you mean by doomed?
ME: My girlfriend was shot in my house and the doctor requested for a police report before he can commence with any treatment
LILLIAN: Which hospital are you now?
ME: Sage clinic but I'm in B' Division police station
 LILLIAN: I am coming over right away. Just wait for me...

In less than 5minutes Lilian arrived at the station, she went straight to the DPO's office when she heard that we haven't been given the report.
It didn't take her up to a minute before she came out with a piece of paper;
"Let's go dear, she said, I got a hand written report signed and stamped by the DPO.
The three of us went back to the  hospital to give the doctor the report and hoped to receive a good news from him.
--   --   --
I heard someone calling my name while I was in haste to the doctor's office to hand over the handwritten report, so I didn't bother to know who it was.
I came back and saw Chekwube and was wondering how she got the information, because I don't remember telling her about the incident that took place and my where about.
Jerry seeing how surprised I was, told me he was the one who informed Chekwube when she called my line.
Well, I wasn't after all that, my greatest concern is for my 'Sweetest Sweet' to be with me once again. At a point in time, my instinct told me that Rukky has already given up because of the statement she made on our way to the hospital, and also the time wasted just to get the police report.
I couldn't stand it anymore as I engaged in hot prayers. My friends joined me and our voices covered the whole hospital.
Lillian was the prayer warrior as she speaks in tongue, Chekwube and Jerry were singing praises, while myself was praying with tears and catarrh dripping like a flowing stream.
We were still busy praying but was forced to stop the moment some nurses passed in between us with some medical tools and one blood bag containing about 470ml of blood;
ME: Nurse, how is she?
NURSE: She has lost lots of blood and some bullets are still inside her body. Excuse me please I have to go
(The nurse ran into the emergency room)
ME: Eh Oghene!!!
CHEKWUBE: Eli calm down, nothing will happen to her
LILLIAN: Where is your fate? Don't doubt God's miracle
JERRY: I always tell you to be a man, Crying won't solve the problem right now.

I managed to be consoled by their words and sat down maintaining an unreal silence.
After about 1hr 30mins, the doctor came out removing the gloves he wore which were stained with blood, and dumped them in the trash can;
ME: Doctor, please say something
(blocking him from leaving)
DOC: Come with me.

I walked behind him as he went into his office;
DOC: You may have your seat
ME: I'm okay this way, please tell me how she is doing now?
DOC: I insist you take your seat before I say anything and please stop panicking
ME: Fine, i'm seating now
(taking the opposite chair)
DOC: Your friend was shot with a local gun that has lot of pallets in the bullet and i'm suspecting a break-open double barrel (Asanadjē), a scan was made and we were able to see 12 of this pallets which are like balls scattered all over her right hand. I have successfully removed 10 remaining 2 of it, but I assure you that the remaining one's won't cause any problem
ME: Can I see her now?
DOC: Seeing her is not the problem, she is presently at a state of coma and has lost lots of blood, so there is no way you can talk to her
ME: Let me just see her with my eyes please
DOC: If you say so
(Leads me to the room where they administered the blood transfusion).

My friends joined me to see her and after seeing Rukky, we all left the room to the reception. I never wanted to leave her alone in that condition but ought to follow the ethics of the hospital.
(Love is really something else oo).
Later that night, Lillian and Chekwube who are becoming conversant with each other slept in Lillian's Range Rover, while Myself and Jerry slept on a long chair in the hospital.
--    --    --    --
Early the next day morning, we all went in to see Rukky. The blood fused on her has finished and one of the nurses came in to remove it.
Lillian gave me some cash to use for any expenses that might arise, I tried to reject the money but she insisted making me to have that sister feelings for her.
They stayed with me till 8:46am before Lillian took Chekwube and Jerry home leaving me behind, as I insisted not to leave till Rukky was able to talk to me.
I later went out to buy a sachet closeup, toothbrush and sachet water which I used to brush my teeth. I made use of the hospital rest room and freshen up there too.
Thereafter, I went back to the room and sat on the bed close to rukky, singing soft love song when suddenly Rukky's hand started shaking and her eyes became opened...