Friday, 9 December 2016



She positioned her hands on the trigger, pulled it and was distracted by Lillian who pushed her towards the TV set from behind.
I couldn't believed my eyes, as I had already seen myself in the land of the dead.
It was so fast that the next thing I saw was the two girls struggling on the ground.
They were both fighting, stumbling on each other, in a struggle on who will first reach the pistol that was seen at the far end of the bed.
I hastily reached for it (the gun), and pointed it at Favour who has successful climbed over Lillian releasing some brutal punches on her face.
Favour who seems more fearless, stood up and turned towards me;
FAVOUR: So you want to shoot me because I'm beating the hell off your latest catch?
ME: I'm not a killer like you, so I will advise you to leave right now
FAVOUR: So you can't kill me? Does that mean you still love me?
ME: I never loved you Favour, and I thank God I didn't made that mistake, to love a killer like you
FAVOUR: I'm not leaving here unless you kill me or I kill you
(She was walking towards me, which looks more like a temptation)
LILLIAN: Eli, don't let her gets to you. She is very cruel
FAVOUR: Shoot me Eli, are you afraid
**Getting closer to me**
ME: Don't tempt me Favour, I'll advise you to leave peacefully or else...
FAVOUR: Or else what? Eh! You will kill me right? That is exactly what I wanted.

She was almost closed to me when we heard a voice from outside "drop the gun"
I quickly looked outside and saw some police men. Lillian stood up immediately and cleaned up herself;
POLICE: We were sent here by the DPO who received a call about a suspect on a mission. I'm arresting you all to the station right now
ME: Sir I am not a killer, this is my apartment and....
(The officer halted me)
POLICE: You better remain silent for anything you say will be used against you in the court of law
LILLIAN: I was the one who called the DPO, when I sighted her on a bike coming this direction
(Pointing at Favour who was breathing very hard)
POLICE: I'm taking you along with us too, maybe you can sort yourself out there.

The police officer seems to be working under instructions from the DPO, so there is nothing Lillian will say that can make him do otherwise.
He ordered two officers who walked inside with their handcuff, collected the gun from me and placed it inside a transparent nylon.
The three of us were handcuffed and taken to the police station
--  --  --

Myself and Lillian was freed immediately we stepped inside the station.
We were told to write down a statement pertaining to what happened, which we did and watch Favour as she was been taken to the cell to be locked up.
Getting to the gate of the Police station, Lillian suggested we go to a fast food to have dinner and a little discussion, which I didn't objected to.


Two plates of friend rice and a juice drink was placed in front of us, by one of the attendant working there.
We both ate halfway before Lillian managed to voice out want she wanted to say;
LILLIAN: Are you happy now?
ME: I have never been sad, even under the pressure and torture that I have been passing through. Funny question
**Smiling at her**
 LILLIAN: It might be a funny question but I have my reasons for asking you. Well,  I assure you now that hardship won't come anymore, but enjoyment. Remember I promised to get ride of Batam, now he is gone likewise Favour
ME: You are right
LILLIAN: I know you will be preparing for your exams which is fast approaching, and I won't want to disturb you but hope we will be together during the holiday's and build a better relationship before next semester?
ME: Let's just wait till then, thanks for everything. I must confess you tried alot for me
LILLIAN: Don't mention, I never taught I will date someone that is so gentle like you, I like guys that are huge and rugged but ever since we had that splendid moment, I couldn't hold back
ME: Please don't remind me of all that, it happened out of a deal we had
LILLIAN: Deal or no Deal, I still love you
ME: Lillian I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but the truth is that I just want to be alone.
LILLIAN: Don't say that, even the Rukky you claimed to love is no where to be found, she can't save you in anyway rather she will make her father and husband to be placed you in hell forever, if they discovered you are going after her again. Favour has been arrested, likewise Batam. This is the right time for we both to start up a new life.
ME: **had a deep breath, signifying satisfaction**
LILLIAN: You see? Even with me, you won't suffer because I will change you to a new leaf, and make you have all you have always wanted.

She was so convincing with all she said, and I saw reasons with her.
She didn't play any bad role in the whole scenario, rather she was helpful all through.
I taught about Chekwube who happened to be my besty, she left me without even letting me know what my offence was.
It was obvious that Lillian meant all she said, and I have no other option than to start up a fresh relationship with her...
I held her hands, supporting her up and thereafter we had a very passionate hug...