Saturday, 10 December 2016



I could read the level of happiness in Lillian's face, as she kissed me seductively in public.
Those having their dinner in the fast food turned their attention on us, living me with mortification.
 I was so shy that I suggested we leave the eatery immediately, which we did.
On getting to the road side, she held me on standby, placed her both hands on my shoulder;
LILLIAN: You have really put a smile on my face, I have never for once felt so happy. I just need one more favor from you and I hope you don't deny me this favor
ME: What favor are we talking about here?
LILLIAN: If you can pass the night in my house or I pass the night in yours
ME: That won't be possible, you know I missed school all through last week, so I want to be very solemn and focus this week
LILLIAN: Please dear, just for me, I promise I won't stress you
ME: But you said you won't disturb me, and hoped we spend the holiday and next semester together.
LILLIAN: You know as a young girl, there are some things we can't do without. Please my chocomilo
ME: Okay fine, you will spend the night in my house
LILLIAN: That is why you are my chocomilo. Thanks, let me just go and freshen up, get some stuffs and meet you up
ME: Okay

She took a bike to her house while I trek down home, because my house wasn't that far from the Eatery.
--  --  --
Since there was no power supply (light), I checked my time which was saying 6:47PM and hastily rushed down to AP filling station which normally closes 7:00PM to get petrol.
At exactly 11mins past 8, I was at home.
I put on the generator, arranged my room and brought out that days lecture note to glance through, as I waited patiently for Lillian to arrive.
I was still reading the note when I heard other hostellers shouting ''dem don bring light". I went outside put off the generator and change over to PHCN light.
I was about going inside when I saw Lillian's car arriving.
She parked her car by the fence of the hostel, walked in through the gate, and smiled at me from afar.
She was wearing a very short skit that barely covers 1/4 of her femur (lap), there was no doubt that she has come to seduce me.
Her top was just like that of a 5yrs old girl, showing her tommy.
She walked towards me;
LILLIAN: How do I look?
ME: Tempting
LILLIAN: Tell me you don't like it?
(Robbing my chest and my head while saying it)
ME: I do like it, only if it is been wore to the club or a night party, not on the street
LILLIAN: Sorry my chocomilo, but I wore it just for you and not for the guys out there. Come let's go inside.

At this point, My curve7 has already resurrected from it's resting state.
She sat on the bed, watching me as I put on the TV set. After which I stylishly walked into the bathroom to calm my Curve7 down...
I was so ashamed of my curve7, I had to remain there and removed my mind totally from what I saw, before it finally came to its static state.
I agilely walked back to the room, sat on my reading chair but Lillian who has a mission to accomplish, did the worst again.
She removed her eyes from the TV set and faced me, opening her legs instead of putting them closed to cover her shawama.
She called my name which made me turned to face her and saw a unified shawama under her mini skit.
I was shocked to see a pantless shawama.
**how on earth will a girl go out without a pant**
My stupid Curve7 rose up trying to find it's way out from my trouser.
This time around there was no way I could have cooled it down, because Lillian has already seen it pulling itself out, at the same time begging Lillian for help.
She walked towards me, knelt down in front of me and pulled off my trouser.
She unclad me and went to the door which she bolted, after locking it with the keys.
The next minute, she was totally unclad as she easily pulled off her half yard shit and her mini skirt.
She climbed me like a fierce tigress, wanting to devour a prey.
I couldn't helped but allowed her, as she licked my hardcore Curve7 whose rigidity is beyond measure. She did the mouth job for about 4mins.
I was so in the mood that I have to  placed my mouth on her bos_oms which I sucked rotationally. The impact was so high, that she moaned loudly.
I later realised that the foam was so soft for us, which makes us locate the rug immediately. I used my right hand to play with her but_tocks and kissed her passionately.
My left fingers were sliding down from her belly button to her oily shawama, after which i sent my index finger into her pus_sy. Getting to climax, she caress my body and licked my ears.
I pulled her legs apart a little and she turned onto her front to make it easier, for easy Penetration.
Her backside was firm, round and smooth which suit my grip as I insert my 6inches hardcore curve7 into her wet shawama, which makes her screamed "Jezzzz".
I felt her pains, and reduced the pace of the in and out movement of my curve7.
I didn't wasted more than 2mins on that style as I repositioned her to suit doggy style.
She repositioned herself like an Islamic man saying his prayers, and left me with no other option than to locate the orifice of her shawama from behind, which I did and watch her moaned loudly.
The show was wow! and her soundtrack enticing.
I lifted her towards myself like a baby, and implanted my Curve7 in. This time, It seems she was feeling it more and more as she exclaimed "fuck me hard", I kept on adding flavor to the show by hitting the walls of her uter_us and said "you dey feel am"? her response was aphasiac but I didn't bothered.
I noticed she has cu_m as her shawama started bringing out some thickish white juice. It was then I noticed we have been on the show for more than an hour.
I dropped her on the bed where I did some little bleeping, before I finally cu_m...